Discussion: Obama Called Trump Early Wed. Morning, Will Make Statement Later In Day

This can’t be real.


I hope one of the congratulatory points he made was “you know Don, I’d have whipped your ass up one side of this country and down the other…”.


I hate this so much. God this fucking hurts. This man deserved better. Everything he worked for, gone.


Well, on the upside, we’re back on track for a mass extinction event.

Did anyone else here besides me actually vomit? Literally, vomit, not metaphorically? And did anyone here manage to get so much as hour’s worth of sleep? Because I sure as hell didn’t.


I read the headline and literally burst into tears again. How could we do this to him? How?

I didn’t vomit. Not yet. But I think I slept for two hours.


Obama is a class act. Something that will be missed in the coming 4 years


No sleep. Didn’t vomit because I couldn’t eat anything.


It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if after he steps down he continues to lead us, to help us figure out what to do in the next two years, and to get me and others like me to get right back in and fight.


Trump is an IDIOT! He has no policies. God, how did this happen? And we don’t have the Senate nor the House.

I’ve never felt this hopeless.

Someone give me hope. Tell me we’ll be able to fix this somehow.


Same here. I’m still struggling to make sense of what just happened – the fact that the country, faced with the choice between building on Obama’s legacy and destroying it, chose the latter.


Was feeling ill last night. Took a sleeping pill. Knocked out for a few hours.


People are incredibly short sighted.

Man, Barack and Michelle worked their asses off for Hillary.

How could we let them down like this?


I hate this so much. God this fucking hurts. This man deserved better. Everything he worked for, gone.

Totally disagree. Obama will go down as one of the classiest President’s ever. He also lead this country out of the Great Recession. The Iran Nuke deal according to David Ignatus of Wash Post will be very hard to get out of because of the joint commitments by our Allies. To say Trump will destroy everything Obama pushed for is just not true.

I think Obama will go down as a very good President. The fact you see all this anger not just by Trumps voters but the Bernie backers. Yet Obama enjoys 52% approval ratings is a nod to Obama’s personal popularity and respect by American’s.

One thing I will get out of this election is I would get angry and argue with people who trashed Obama and the job he was doing. Now I could care less if Trump screws everything up. I am a vengeful person and people were warned about Trump. I am just going to put Trump on the IGNORE button for 4 years. TO this day I have not heard Trump speak for more then 3 minutes.

Oh and BTW Way to go Hillary blowing off Team Obama for Robby Mook as your campaign manager. A 36 year old who lacked Obama’s election team’s experience.

I actually had a terrible feeling about election nite. I voted early weeks ago. I work nites and I woke up at 5PM to go to work. It was rainy and dark here in Indianapolis. When I woke up I was just paralyzed with a dread I cannot explain. I had a hard time getting ready to go to work. But I felt this dread all nite and checking the early returns on the election online. I knew Hillary was in trouble. I also looked up 270com all election and it showed Hillary with around 96% chance of winning. This last few days it had dropped to 86% and Hillary had not been that low since the 1st pre debate.


But can we trust those approval ratings polls when the Presidential ones proved to be so useless?

And what about Obamacare? And the 20 million insured because of it? I wanted it FIXED not repealed.

And his Delartment of Justice.

I hate this shit.
But your comment did bring me some comfort.
May 2018 and 2020 be kind to us.

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Not sure that’s true. Trump tapped into something we simply did not know was there.

i was right there beside you, vomiting included


What must this feel like to Obama….to have to shake the hand of the man who most strenuously perpetuated the Birther lies. It is just too surreal. Too ugly. He gave such grace and dignity to the Oval office and now must hand it over to an utter piece of shit.


Me, last night around 12:30/1