Discussion: NYT: Russian Oligarch Once Close To Manafort Wants Immunity To Testify

Hahahaaa. The fact he is still breathing is proof Putin allows him to live. Which makes him an agent for Putin, which he has always been.

I like how a Russian Billionaire is asking for immunity, and the Bumpkins who support Trump avert their glare, deflect, and rationalize that Hillary would have been worse.

It’s all true. Trumps a quisling of Putin. You would have to be an idiot to not see it.


Potentially big stuff here, it would seem. (“E-5…hit!” from the old days of Battleship). Especially that the AP is pushing back on this dweeb’s lawsuit. (Typical Russian bullying tactic, hmm why does it seem so familiar these days?)


Seems likely that he’s looking for the right to lie under oath.


“In 1998, he was refused entry into the United States based on allegations he was connected to organized crime…Bob Dole successfully lobbied to get him a visa, but it was revoked again in July 2006, again over alleged criminal ties.”

Turns out the GOP has been selling out America to the Russians through at least four Presidencies…


PutinDoppel or not … Give him immunity and let’s hear what he has to say. If it helps to bring down Trumpit, I’ll listen.

Watch out for immunity. Not sure this applies in this particular case, though.
How Congress Could Cripple Robert Mueller
Granting Trump associates immunity in exchange for testimony could undermine a criminal investigation.


Not to mention how much it would undermine our already compromised federal government.

Besides, had Deripaska pulled this kind of crap against Putin he would have been killed long ago, in a very, very unpleasant manner.

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If Mexico’s drug lords knew how to spread the cash around, Trumpp would be using taxpayer money to build a private 4-lane truck tunnel under the border for them.


from @irasdad


[quote=“ottnott, post:10, topic:56523”]
f Mexico’s drug lords knew how to spread the cash around

It’s a mob thing.

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The Rosenburgs taught the Russians how to manufacture nuclear weapons. Paul Manafort taught the Russians how to mine voter data and target ignorant voters. The Rosenburgs were executed. Manafort deserves solitary confinement.


I don’t know enough about the Poindexter or North cases but I always thought you gave immunity when dealing with lower priority suspects in order to catch a larger prize. Don’t personally care what happens to Flynn, Manafort or Oligark-sky as long as there are enough charges for the inner circle.

More worried about the Pardon Pen … these crooks don’t care about morals OR optics … Orange Julius Caesar will eventually start pardoning cronies right and left.

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The American Right was so happy to have won The Cold War that they did not care about the klepto-fascism taking root.

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Immunity is not unconditional. The guy has to spill all he knows and it has to be something worthwhile. All of which is worked out beforehand.

If immunity is granted and the grantee then fails to produce, he/she is no longer immune.

Better to offer asylum because if they really did talk and then go back to Mother Russia, it would be curtains for them. Iron curtains in fact.


Oleg’s Last Olé…

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Laundering, Money.

Mr. Manaforte bought lots of Manhattan properties worth tens of millions. Paid Cash. From overseas shell companies. Then he took mortgages out against some of them. Classic money laundering blueprint. Only question is how traceable the shell companies are.


Damn right it’s becming clear. It’s up to the Germans and French to save the free world. A Depressing state of affairs. It’s easy to see how Rush and Hannity were working for the Russians all along if you use a little imagination.


Yeah, seems like a real “stand up” guy.

Since he is not dead you cannot trust anything he says.
If he becomes dead you still cannot trust anything he says.


This is one of the oddest parts of the entire Trump/Russia fiasco. It seems, even by TPM’s excellent summary of the known facts, to have more strings than the NY Philharmonic.

I’ve read Deripaska wants a visitor visa (I believe he’s banned because of criminal associations). The question is why? Here’s my theory, based on known or observable facts

  1. Deripaska is one of the richest men in Russia. He’s an oligarch.
  2. All oligarchs have two things in common
    a. They’re all tight with Putin, and willingly do his bidding.
    b. They’re all crooks. (Afaik Trump has never met him, but this alone would qualify him for friend status,)
  3. Many of the oligarchs have transferred their stolen riches out of Russia to the United States. . The usual method is thru massive real estate practices, which also function to launder the money.

Conclusion? Deripaska has significant assets in the west which he currently cannot access. He is also somehow tied into Trump Crime Family money laundering sideline. If he ever comes here and testifies, he goes to prison. He forfeits his holdings. Thus the request for immunity. It’s not about treason against Putin. It’s about money.