Discussion: NY Mag: Megyn Kelly Said Fox Boss Roger Ailes Sexually Harrassed Her


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Et tu, Megyn ?

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Megyn: You don’t become a top show host at FOX without sleeping with the Boss. No biggie. Santa is still white.


Here we go…We will having a torrent of women denouncing Ailes pretty soon, starting with harpy Andrea Tantaros. Greta Van Susteren will probably jump in the bandwagon as well, an everybody will be saying “no way!”.

Because not being harrassed by Ailes could imply you were, ahem, “less attractive” ?


Oh, Megan. Spit that out.

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It’s getting real if the right-wing’s favorite spank bank fantasy has apparently turned against Ailes.

But I thought this was one of the more interesting lines in Sherman’s report: “the Paul, Weiss lawyers are attempting to interview former Fox employees who have stories of harassment but haven’t spoken because they signed settlements with Ailes’s Fox attorney, Dianne Brandi. 21st Century Fox is now waiving the NDAs to allow women to speak.”

The long knives are coming out.


And this is the one person I’ve been hear from. This comes as no surprise. I expect to see a flood of former Fox employees coming out of the woodwork. I have no doubt that it will reach a tipping point that makes it impossible for Fox to escape culpability. If they didn’t know, they should’ve known.


So, Ailes is out ? when will it be official ? at the Late Friday night lull in the news cycle ?

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And will this hurt FOXNews in any way?


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What?! Roger Ailes harassed her, with all of that blood coming out of her hoo-hahs and what-nots?!
Why, Saint Donald of the FoxNews Church of the Divine would never stoop so low!

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Boom. Goes. The. Dynamite.


Ha! I knew it!

Okay, I strongly suspected it. I also suspected yesterday that there’s an arbitrated settlement agreement with a confidentiality clause in the mix. Which would mean Rupert and the boys are pulling a Renault here.


What woman in her right mind could resist the charms of Roger anyway? The man is a stud muffin!


Well, maybe now we know how Lewandowski got his job from Jeff Zucker at CNN.
I happen to know, from a little personal experience, blowjobs can be your friends!


It could certainly be that (eww), or it could be that Megyn parlayed this into some sort of settlement way back in the day. Or it could simply be that she doesn’t want to come forward until others have done so, which is quite common. Or it could be that she was harassed, but can’t prove it, which is also quite common.

It could be any of those things. But I think this is the beginning of the “drip, drip” of revelations turning into a deluge.

edit: apologies for the slightly suggestive metaphor. I meant to say the revelations will continue erupting like a volcano


Or a muffin-top stud.


this part…

the Murdoch boys are just waiting on paperwork

If I were of a conspiratorial mind, I would think the Murdoch children paid Jerry Hall to marry and distract the old man while the children staged a coup.