Discussion: NRA Says Bump Stocks 'Should Be Subject To Additional Regulations'

Isn’t this like putting a band-aid over a severed limb?


In other unrelated news SlideFire company did not donate to the NRA this year…

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Just as I suspected, the Republicans cleared this in advance with Uncle Wayne at the NRA. Also, note the “blame Obama” angle. Scum.


NRA: Additional regulations = no regulations and grandfather all previous sales

And BTW, this is what the ATF said in 2010 when it approved the devices:

“The stock has no automatically functioning mechanical parts or springs and performs no automatic mechanical function when installed. In order to use the device, the shooter must apply constant forward pressure with the non-shooting hands and constant rearward pressure with the shooting hand. Accordingly, we find that the ‘bump stock’ is a firearm part and is not regulated as a firearm under the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act.”

I imagine if the Obama ATF had not approved the devices, the NRA would have ginned up a shit-storm about 2nd amendment rights and would have also tried to get the automatic assault gun ban lifted.


“They’ll have to take my bump stock from my cold, dead, machine-gun-bullet-riddled body.”


It’s just a flesh wound!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! “Additional regulations” is just NRA-speak for “leave them in circulation so anyone can get one.”

Because that’s what will happen if they are not strictly banned outright and “exceptions” are made for people to be able to get them.


Bingo. Plus…and no, I won’t bother doing this but someone should…I bet if you look into it, Spencer really had no choice but to come to that decision based on the existing laws and regulations that had been thoroughly ghost-written by the NRA.

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So we know this would be meaningless.

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They want ATF to say that current laws make the bump stock illegal. That is different from Congress actually passing a law about it. Then they would have to either fight what they think is not a good fight or agree to a new law on gun restrictions. Slippery slope for them.

It’s “We need new gun laws.” VS. “The government didn’t enforce the current laws correctly; so we don’t need any new gun laws.”

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At this point, I think we can safely say:

NRA = White Nationalism’s Quartermaster.


Teh devices were not approved.

The ATF found that it lacked the statutory power to regulate the devices.

Biiiiig difference!


So…not “NO” bump stocks, just more regulation. And of course, more guns for everyone!

Got it.

The NRA, an organization whose only purpose is to pander to a scant 22% of the population, of which 50% of firearms are concentrated within an even smaller percent.

Whoa there, NRA. Are you leading us down a slippery slope? A slippery slope toward thinking you give a rat’s ass about gun safety, human life, or anything but profits?

The NRA expects open-carry reciprocity nationwide in exchange for this little tidbit.


The fix is in between the NRA and Congress. Why bother?

I think the gun lobby did the math, get rid of bump stocks, gain stock bumps.

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As a kid I remember when the NRA TV commercials were about shooting ducks and deer and clay pigeons - and how to handle guns safely. Now?
Blam blam blam mother effers!

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