Discussion: NRA: Obama's 'Political Correctness' Let Orlando Shooting Happen

So, the solution is to have Bill Maher investigate suspected radicals instead of the FBI? I am confused about the point Mr. Cox is making.


worthwhile read on 'political correctness from Dailey Kos…


The NRA represents the gun manufactures not gun owners. Most gun owners support stricter gun laws.


The NRA actually does responsible gun owners a great disservice by making them all look like nutty, fetishy, fanatics who value their hobby over peoples lives


The political correctness is not blaming the NRA more for preventing reasonable gun-control measures, especially with regard to assault weapons, and ammo that only police should have.


I propose a ban on NRA members.


Mr. NRA guy, we don’t blame “law abiding gun owners.” We blame you, you sorry excuse for a human being. And, it seems to me that what you are calling “political correctness” in this case is simply allowing your perverted take on the second amendment to prevail. So, you know, please drop dead. That’s as polite as I can be at the moment.


Shoot (no pun intended), go ahead and buy all the damn guns your little heart desires. Ban the ammo. Either ban the ammo or tax it 5000%. That, and require a bar code on every single bullet, to be engraved so deep as to make it it impossible to shave it down. Require all dealers to keep meticulous records on those bar codes, who bought them, when, etc. And make it illegal–with a five-year minimal prison sentence–to give away or re-sell, etc., without keeping said records. All sales records also require a current state-issued photo ID (with photocopying of it as part of records).


So the NRA does favor gun control.

Great! Now all they need to do is instruct their Republican employees in Congress to pass a law allowing President Obama to control them.


This segment of our culture is getting dumber by the second…

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There is a suite in the 7th Circle of Hell reserved for NRA spokesmen.



“Repeating the same thing but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Law-abiding gun owners are tired of being blamed for the acts of madmen and terrorists,” he said.

…Law-abiding gun owners are tired of being blamed for the acts of madmen and terrorists with guns. he said. FIFY


The NRA should be banned as a terrorist org. There! How’s that for political correctness NRA?


The group that works tirelessly to make sure gun laws don’t work is complaining that the laws don’t work??? What’s worse is this guy is clearly shilling for tRump by saying the political correctness is killing us, and we need to stop radical Islam.

No sir, you and your organization are profiting from scaring people into believing that all they need is a gun (or twenty) to protect themselves. I liked it better when the NRA had the good damn sense to shut up after a shooting…


More Reporters should Challenge the NRA on why visitors are not allowed to carry fully-legal weapons into NRA Headquarters.

If the NRA truly believes that more guns make us safer, then they should allow licensed citizens to carry their legal guns with them in NRA Headquarters.

Otherwise, they are hypocrites, lying to their supporters, and Reporters should be calling them out on that.


I don’t see the connection between mass murder and the white men’s backlash against the social imperative to not be an asshole.


And its Headquarters and leaders targeted with military drone strikes, as we do with other terrorists.


The NRA and many, many other Americans blame all liberals for Orlando. They feel a direct connection between liberal thought and the horrors of Orlando and the hundreds of other mass killings. We have our work cut out for us.


That has to be one of the most torturous and idiotic statements yet from the NRA, and that’s after a long line of ‘opposite day’ lunacy from the blood soaked and gun lobbying organization for decades now.

The NRA: Killing Our Children Since 1871.


Yes, the GOP and its constituent interest groups have imposed their Dixiecrat Lysenkoism, exactly like the laughable original in Stalinist Russia. We must not deviate, comrades. As a reaction to the murder of 49 people let us all invite the Usurper President and the decadent, ideologically deviant Media to submit to Self-Criticism sessions, generously conducted by our friends from the NRA. .

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