Discussion: Not All Conservatives Are Cheering On Alabama's New Abortion Law

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

House Majority Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy


These fuckin’ guys. I notice not one of these motherfuckers says “I oppose this law because it seeks to deny women rights to their own bodies.”



Bunch of hypocrites. Either the innocent baby who is also a victim is entitled to rights of the unborn, or their whole argument of religious belief is invalid.


I thought all “babies” were equal and an “innocent” woman wouldn’t get pregnant after a rape. No?


Yup. For sure, these states need a criminal investigation into the women for all rape claims, to ensure it’s a legitimate rape…


“I believe in exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother…"

“…and, of course, any GOP politician whose pregnant mistress might show up in front of television cameras.”


Somethings just don’t play outside Talabama.


Of course, the backlog will rapidly reach about five to six years for a decision, and they’ll have to keep carrying the fetus until then, make sure it gets good post-partum care, a solid grounding in pre-school and signed up for the school lunch program in both kindergarten and first year, but it’ll be a fair system for all, won’t it?


House Minority Leader McCarthy added: “I want to keep women in their place, but not be seen as unduly cruel.”


I say let the Chistofacists create their own state of Handmaid Country


Then shut up and shut it down.


I’ve asked this somewhere but haven’t got an answer yet, so anyone cares to explain: What’s the point of the incest exception? Isn’t raping a relative still called “rape”? And what’s the difference between two related consensual adults and two unrelated consensual adults?


Don’t forget. According to Mr. Chambliss, the fertilized eggs in Petri dishes and test tubes don’t count and can be thrown away after the choice is made of which to use when reducing for implanting. So it has jack all to do with fertilized eggs being “babies” that need saving and is in only about controlling women’s behavior.


Has the Justice Drinking Age confirmation debacle taught us nothing? Republicans think rape is fake. It’s not far from the official GOP platform that women lie about rape to het a hall pass on an abortion!

As to incest, well that’s just the Presidents most poorly hidden fantasy. It’s a family matter, as long as Daddy is one of them.


“I also think we risk turning people against the cause by a dogmatic insistence on getting rid of an exception for rape,” [Erickson] wrote. “We can pat ourselves on the back for our purity to the cause, but will ultimately doom our cause by treating a complicated issue as an easy choice of choosing the victim we cannot see for the victim we can see.”

It’s okay, Erick. When millions of women (and men) march in the street in support of these Christian White Male-driven draconian, unconstitutional measures or vote for all your Rethugliklan pals next year, you’ll know all those second-class people AKA chattel are with you.

Heck, you may be able to judge the undying love, gratitude and support of women (and men) as soon as May 20-21.

Or not.


guess I see it more as “if we break Roe, our voters won’t be motivated, Roe is our boogie man that gets our voters to the booth”

it was pretty obvious they want Roe on the books when they did nothing significant on a national level when holding all three branches in the Bush II era and first term of tRUmp

I find it interesting that there are non-purists wringing their hands over this, either there is a right to privacy or there is not in my mind, according to this group by getting raped you now have a right to privacy, no rape = no privacy, an ectopic pregnancy = privacy, malfunctioning condom = no privacy; known severe birth defects = no privacy


OK folks. It’s time for the dems to do two things:

First, tar the entire GOP with this Alabama law. Repeat, over and over, that this is what the whole GOP wants, and that McCarthy and the other handwringers are just too squeamish to admit it. If Susan Collins or whoever tries to pretend they don’t support it, call bullshit. Their words mean nothing.

Second, we must break the political back of white evangelicals. Dominionist authoritarians must be attacked as anti-American at every opportunity. Because they do not share American values. No bullshit about “deeply held beliefs.” Any time the MSM treats them with kid gloves, call them out. Attack them like they attack LGBTQ people. Attack them like they like to pretend theyre being attacked already.

Chase them back to their churches. America will not be safe until they are broken as a political force.


Depends of the level of relation. Siblings have a far greater risk of passing on lethal and degenerative recessive genes. Why hemophilia was such a problem for royal European families. That’s our legal basis against incest. It cost society too much to support children never likely to be healthy from the start, and the control factors that parents and larger siblings have.

And it has been during the course of my 61 years that marital rape was finally considered rape. Used to be you couldn’t turn down your husband, period. Couldn’t call it rape, and couldn’t’ get a divorce for it.

So we have never considered incest to be rape, although rape can happen during incest. Not all incest involves rape, inappropriate fondling, blow jobs, etc, are all part of incest. I experienced incest, I was raped by a non family member, “friend” of the family.


But Uncle Joe says there are good people on ‘both sides’.