Discussion: New Radio Ads Pressure 5 Key GOP Senators To Oppose O'Care Repeal Bill

Hope it works.


Don’t hold your breath. I think they really will repeal it this time.

Would hope that some other groups would pick this ad up and run it in other solid red States. It’d be worth it, but @sickofitall is right about this.

This will pass. It will pass with a tiebreaker by Pence. It won’t go into effect until after the midterms so as to not affect those seats. The impact won’t be realized for a few years and by then, maybe, the Dems could take this back and undo it. That’s wishful thinking.

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I am deeply afraid, as it does feel that way.

If it’s the two Alaska Senators and Collins or Rand who finally vote no, then the GOPers can whimper about how unfair the whole thing is and stiil collect a large proportion of what the Kochs were going to give anyway. And nobody like Heller will suffer because the bill passed.

But folks, we can microanalyze and guess and worry ourselves into the ground, but it’s likely that just like last time some big as yet unforeseen development will come along.

Meanwhile the lobbyists that just about nobody mentions are grinding away silently. Most of their clients are just fine with Obamacare.


O/T - read this earlier today - and wanted to share it for a temporary mood lightener.

Remember seeing the twitter unfolding of the Fyre Festival Fiasco? Looks like the Milo Fest out in Berkley is set to be as bad… okay without the power outages and being stranded on an island - something to watch/read for as its supposed to start on Sunday. It’s a fun read from Vanity Fair:

As the event date nears, the biggest problem may be the mounting speculation that Yiannopoulous is bluffing.
Rather than an actual Free Speech Week, was he really just searching for another media win? “It really does seem like Milo and his people don’t actually want this event to happen,” one speaker on the lineup told me. “I do know there will be more press if this doesn’t happen, and then they can blame the big, bad, Berkeley University.” The thought was echoed by several prominent right-wingers whom I spoke with.

In the most generous interpretation, Free Speech Week has quickly devolved into the right’s own Fyre Festival. It is an event promising to push the boundaries of the First Amendment but is crippled by severe mismanagement, lack of communication,reluctant academic bureaucracy, and a company of inexperienced naïfs working with a tiny group of equally inexperienced college students.

But those clients don’t necessarily pay for the campaigns.

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I sincerely hope you are wrong…but wish I was more certain that you are.


In uncontested or poorly contested states that’s less important. Ditto for Senators than for House members. Lobbyists find a way to “help out” the Congresspeople personally in revolving-door Washington… Campaigns are nice, but…It’s said that if Heller loses, he’s going to the casino industry for a job.

If they repeal it, then what? Not only have they had no plan for over eight years and still don’t, they’ll completely own it this time. And all the Koch brothers money won’t save them when people see all they’ve lost.

All to fulfill a “promise” they only made as a cynical campaign talking point anyway.


The Replace part of ‘Repeal and Replace’ has never been defined. The slogan was apparently designed to get the rubes behind the repeal part of it to reduce the Socialism that the rubes currently enjoy. Replace was never an issue - there is no replace, other than to remand the entire thing to the States.


Doubt it. Last time they lost three senators publicly but in private more were prepared to oppose the bill if required. And this iteration of the bill exhibits even greater malevolence.


Being a Virginian, I phoned and left a message for Senator Shelley Moore Capito, appealing for my friends and family members who live in WV, who are poor and grappling with substance abuse issues. I asked her to not take way the only assistance they have. The more folks who make it known we need to stabilize the markets, not gut it, the better. My message was heart-felt, informative and respectful. Fingers crossed.


We need to call this bill by its true name: Graham-Cassidy-Satan. Although I understand that Satan is reconsidering his support.


Thank you.


110% agree.


That’s right—that’s made me suspicious from the start. This vote could turn out like “Murder on the Orient Express”, although in that case I think Mitch would just pull the bill.

Oh, I think that, if this does pass, it will definitely affect the midterms next year because there will be two (2) sets of new health insurance premiums published between now and next November!

The entire nation will see the effect of this 'pub marketplace destruction on their own wallets, even those who get their insurance through their employer.

This will not end well for the American public. It won’t end well for the 'pubs. But hey, Tramp needs his “win” even as we all lose.


In the best of all worlds it would usher in a clarion call for single-payer healthcare while simultaneously driving a stake into the heart of the GOP (Greedy Odious Pricks) and put them forever out of our misery.

And although it’s probably too much to dream of, it may also re-enliven the discussion to get money out of American politics once and for all.

IOW create an actual functioning democracy.