Discussion: New Poll Shows Dem Jon Ossoff Opening Up 7-Point Lead In Georgia House Race

DO. NOT. TAKE. IT. FOR. GRANTED. Time to work even harder.


Can I get an “amen” from the front row? Two reasons:

  1. Complacency leads to defeat. Recent painful examples are left as an exercise.
  2. Victory is good, but crushing victory is better. Nothing would better put the fear of God - and better yet, fear of voters - into vulnerable Reps than having Ossoff crush it by double digits in freaking Georgia.

If past is prologue, Trump will be on this election like a motherfucker. Will do anything not to lose it!

We need to really be prepared and so please open your minds and wallets as to what you can do! Contact his campaign if you can provide support, knock on doors, drive people to the polls, make phone calls, whatever they need!


Victory is good, but crushing victory is better.

That would be great but it’s just not going to happen. This district is Republican. There aren’t enough Democrats to make that happen. Having said that, Ossoff will most likely win here.

IMO, the seven point lead is too optimistic. Most likely, the seven points will translate to a one or two point lead. I dont have a problem with that because I really think he can win and, in doing so, will put the wind at our backs.


No counting chickens. Act as if you are 1 point down and bust your ass off to GOTV.


Perhaps the Reason the poll suggest he has a 7 point lead is HARD WORK on the part of a lot of people… I live in Chattanooga and volunteers have been driving to the Area to knock on doors …

Hard Work will pay off… Hard Work through election day…


Not taking anything for granted but this article made my day.


I do agree with your post, but everybody please regard this as a no gloating zone! Help the plucky fellow win and celebrate afterwards with gusto!


We’ve sent several contributions to his campaign. This is optimistic news, but we’ll see how th election shakes out - in terms of turnout and the ability of all eligible voters to vote.


If you can’t elect a Democrat after Trump’s horrendous budget is in the news, there is something seriously wrong.

Dang! Gonna have to send this guy another fifty.


From your keyboard to God’s ears.

I’m deeply skeptical of this but have never wanted to be so wrong in my life. A healthy win would really shake up the GOP.


I Live in the 6th, and in my neighborhood there was not a single yard sign for Handel, and many for Ossoff. I read somewhere that Handel just got a whole bunch off outside money from out of state, and several signs popped up over the weekend, well now I know who are the deplorables among my neighbors, turned out to be the ones the more openly religious…

This is a departure In previous elections, not the last presidential, when there were basically no signs at all, but in 2012 there were lots of signs for Romney, few for Obama. Republicans should worry that some of those voters will not be coming back.


The only poll that matters is the one that will be taken on 20 June.

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Whoa, even more than the 7 point lead, he’s over 50%! I assumed he was still in the same 40-44% territory as the entire primary race. When I saw the headline, I figured it would be 44% Ossoff - 37% Handel, 19% undecided kind of a poll. Ossoff over 50% is fantastic!


Republicans should worry that some of those voters will not be coming back.

As I said, I think Ossoff will win. And, in doing so, it’ll highlight a real demographic shift that the GOP is losing. The suburban, educated, upwardly mobile voter, who thinks of themselves as conservative but not along the lines of “fundie nut job” who sees the GOP as Rump’s party.


Absolutely. All that really matters is that he wins, even if it’s by the hair on his chin. Still, you make a solid point. IF he were to win by a decent margin, say 5% or more, it would basically shut down the Republican agenda until after the election. Even Republican congresspeople in bright red districts and states would think twice about voting for anything weighty. Repeal and Replace, tax cuts, this horrible budget out of the WH, all of it would be off the table as folks kick into survival mode not wanting to give Democrats anything else to run against.

That said, I’m going to make a donation today.


Don’t trust one single poll just because you like what it says. We should have all learned that by now.

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I don’t think anyone here is foolish enough to believe that one poll a month out is indicative of where things will land on Election Day. It’s just nice to see some positive news for a Democrat.

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