Discussion: New Iowa Senate Poll Shows GOP With Sizable Lead

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First stiff Iowa wind that blows that gawd-awful wig off is gonna shave off 5 points, easy.

I hate to be an appearance nag, but man, that thing is nasty!


If Iowans put this clown into office then they deserve every dollar of what stupidity she’ll spout - and what damage she’ll do. Can they allow the pigs to vote in Iowa? They might get a more intelligent outcome.


No way. This is an outlier … more to do with the GOP primary victory, name in the news this week than anything.


The fine print:

The Loras College Poll surveyed 600 likely 2014 general election voters; statewide results have a 4 percent margin of error.  The survey was conducted June 4-5, 2014.

Likely voter sample included only those who voted in the 2010 general
election or who have registered to vote since and indicated likeliness
to vote.


Survey includes both landlines (80 percent) and cell phones (20 percent). 
The survey was conducted using live operator interviews through a contracted professional call center.


In addition, the survey was balanced using historical voting patterns
for partisanship, as well as demographic variables such as age, gender
and geography.


Script development and methodology used for the survey received input
from Republican campaign consultant Steve Grubbs, and Democrat campaign
consultant Dave Heller.

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In other words, a joke poll.


Did Michele Bachmann cut her hair and move to Iowa?


I lived in Iowa for 30 years. I think once the majority learns about this TEA BAGGER and her truly nutball ideas, they will reject her.


Billboard ad Braley need to run in every corner of the state instead of apologizing for telling the truth about Grassley:

Would you want a Wall Street bankster or a trail lawyer chairing the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry?

Now you know why having a farmer who never went to law school and who never practiced law, serving as the chair of Senate Judiciary Committee is lunacy.

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Another article on TPM (a few column inches above this one) has a Rasmussen poll with a 1% difference.

This is what Nate Silver used to do - take all the polls out there and come up with an average……a ‘statistical’ dead-heat at the moment.

And if Braley can capitalize on the relative bad endorsement results from Sarah Palin, Ernst is likely to lose.

I stick with Charlie Cook for the moment - lean Democrat.


How could anyone not support a candidate who rightly recognizes the murder of six people in California as the accident that it was?

Sort of a pig emasculating Polly Bergen…

The people of Iowa are pretty well educated. They voted big time for Obama. I don’t believe this poll and especially not at this time


This is a small catholic university that has only 1600 students and only do polls two or three times a year. They did their poll one day after the primaries when everyone has been hearing nothing but news on republicans and for only two days?? The same goes fro Ras. poll. I believe if I was a betting person that a week or two from now polls are going to look a lot different.


Loras College poll? OK, why are we supposed to believe that every poll that comes out is in any way credible?

And then she opened her mouth and started speaking…


Oh noes! Not the highly regarded, world famous Loras College poll!


Braley has had his clownish moments too: during government shut-down complaining about no clean towels in the House gym, a press release that misspelled common farming terms, a real gaffe in agrarian Iowa.

How does a candidate in Iowa get elected by opposing the farm bill? The one major national policy designed to support Iowa’s most vital political interest is opposed by the Republican senate candidate.

Also Rasmussen has Ernst ahead by only one point.

Lorus College huh? Never heard of the place. Had to look it up. Its a small Catholic college in Dubuque, Iowa. Has 1600 students. Heck, my high school had more students than that. Anyway, sounds like a pretty conservative school. Maybe they’re right or maybe they’re not…I’ll wait for a larger sample from a more mainstream outfit.

This woman may be able to castrate pigs but as Sister Sarah might say…She probably knows how to put lipstick on her pigs too.