Discussion: New Clinton TV Ad Pegs Trump As A Bad Role Model For Kids (VIDEO)

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But Trump is PG15, right ?

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He’s a schmuck. We knew that. I’d rather see ads attacking his policies to be honest.


“New Clinton TV Ad Pegs Trump As A Bad Role Model For Kids.”

Trump is a combination of all the spoiled, bratty kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Great ad. From the background music, to showing Trump in the dark, and switching to sunlight during Clinton’s speech.

Great ad. Using clips of Trump talking about himself juxtaposed with kids watching?

Well done, Team Clinton.


“We knew that.” Sure, but we’re political junkies. People who don’t pay attention just know him as a billionaire real-estate tycoon, and Clinton as constantly embroiled in scandal. Neither of these characterizations are even remotely true, either, but that’s what people know. Talking about policies ain’t gonna change that perception. This ad will help.


Goes damn straight to parents’ gut. Beautifully, poignantly brutal. Well done.


yeah, I know…but sometimes I just crave meat instead of blandness. This was bland, the Priorities USA superpac one showing him anti-woman was harder hitting even if, again, it wasn’t policy based.


Better run it in KEY BATTLEGROUND state Pennsylvania. It’s very, very close there. And remember, PA is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama everywhere else. Better spend a LOT of money there.


and he’s a Trumpa-Lumpa!


Oh man, this is a great ad. Powerful is an understatement. I don’t know how many people it will sway, but it made me want to cry in sadness with the realization that this is how far in the gutter we’ve allowed this country to get with this horrible man at the top of a major party ticket. Shame on the Republicans for accepting that mean and really bad man as example of the person they want as President of this great country. You can’t pin your hopes and dreams on a scoundrel.

Good work Team Hillary. Anyone with a family should take heed of the message this ad attempts to send, as a clarion call for civility among our elected leaders. As a mother and a concerned citizen…this man scares me to no end, over the potential to do such incredible harm to our country. Even the harm he’s already done, without becoming President, especially to impressionable young minds and the next generation, will be immeasurable when the history of this election is finally told.


All of these hundreds and hundreds of millions being spent. And how many people are really undecided? It’s quite astounding, the amount of money being spent to try to win a handful of votes still up for grabs. To paraphrase Churchill, “Never will so much be spent on so few.”

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You can’t attack Trump’s policies because he doesn’t have any. Building a wall on the Mexican border, deporting 11 million people, and banning Muslims from entering the country aren’t policies – they’re science fiction. If he has policies, they are mutually contradictory: Isolationism, militarism, and trade wars. You can’t go there because there’s no there there.


FFS, would you stop with the chicken-littling concern trolling?

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He has no policies, just flights of fancy if you’ve been paying the least bit of attention. Name me one policy he has and how he plans to accomplish said policy…Details please.

Better to address his mercurial nature, his deficits in the Department of Decency, and his impulsive, erratic and destructive personality that’ll be unleashed on the country should he be elected. It doesn’t help him that he’s without moral principles and is entirely in this thing for his own self-aggrandizement either.

He’s more than a schmuck. He’s a menace to society and democracy as we know it. He’s simply unqualified to hold elected office. Full stop.


If the MSM will talk about this ad, and they will, and show it repetively, it will have paid for itself.


Its Hillary or to the point, ‘its Hillary’.

When you have that much slung at you and will be slung at you next week, it shouldn’t be surprising what folks are seeing.

Especially seeing how the meme in the early part of the year was ‘no Washington politicians’.


52 percent said Clinton would be a positive role model for kids,
compared to just 25 percent who said Trump would set a good example.
The rest were unable to turn away from their TV to listen to the poll question.


The media would rather talk about Hillary’s emails still. If Hillary said even a fraction of what Drumpf has gotten away with, which is mentioned but routinely written off by the media like some inside joke only they are privy to, she would have been skewered unmercifully by them for not showing the proper deference or sense of decency. Not that she would ever do what he does. Its just that the double-standard is fairly obvious on how the two sides are treated and reported on. So instead, for false equivalency’s sake, the corporate news media repeatedly dredges up tired, old and useless stories involving dead and buried scandals.

I have no faith in the media to do anything responsible this election season anymore. They are entirely complicit in tRump’s rise, and wish to stay firmly embedded like some kind of unspoken, under-the-table payoff. It sickens me.

I’d like Hillary to go the route Obama did and use the internet and social media more (perhaps she already is)…and save their money not wasting it on network or cable news channels to sway people, but on TV like basic cable where people watch popular shows without having to pay and arm and a leg to get their entertainment. Do more unorthodox ad placement using new media too.

Actually, basic cable is pretty outrageous price-wise, but you get my drift.


You don’t think some of those will be coming out in the next 3 months?