Discussion: Mueller Speaks: 'No Comment' For Inquiring MSNBC Reporter

"This is [what] some people would characterize as an ambush interview of a man coming out of Easter services at church,” he said.

Perhaps this is because it was an ambush interview of a man coming out of Easter services at church.


Sometimes, things are exactly what they look like.


Swear to god I heard someone say something about Red Lobster.


It would only have only been worse if it was Mueller coming out of the collapsed mine he’d been trapped in for a week and finding an opportunistic journo asking how he came to his report’s conclusions.


Uh yeah, it is an ambush interview.


Why does he look like a fugitive in this still?

Here is a fair question for someone in his position coming out of Easter services: Do you think you served Christ’s mission NOT explicitly calling out Trump’s evil?


Time for “Protect Mueller” v2.00 ?

That I would’ve paid money to see.

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Bad actor in this Hive thread too, folks.

Pipe the avatar and ignore accordingly.


For heaven’s sake, leave the Muellers alone when they attend religious services.


Bunch of assholes. C’mon, it’s friggin’ Easter Sunday. Have some respect for his practicing of his religion.


An object lesson on what (per sanni’s definition) is not a news story.


Yes, it was a stupid time and a stupid place for a reporter to ask anyone, even Fat Ass, a question.

But Mueller better prepare himself or lock himself in his house, because he is not always going to be coming out of church or a wedding or a funeral when journalists want answers to questions that have arisen because of his report and the many inconsistencies concerning prosecutable individuals, like Donnie Jr. and others, who were let off the hook for the laughable excuse that they were ignorant of the law, which, if I were carrying an ounce of weed in Alabama and got caught, is an excuse I would never be allowed to get away with.
Maybe Robert Mueller should ask for sanctuary at the church, because I do not think that the Dems in the House committee are going to go easy on him concerning many of his highly questionable conclusions, especially the idea that the President cannot be charged with a crime, as I do not - and I am not a lawyer or a Constitutional expert - believe there is any written, binding law saying so.


Or, “Mr. Mueller, are you upset about the 138 million people killed in the church bombings in Sri Lanka? Donald Trump’s inquiring mind wants to know!”


Mueller can answer questions under oath testifying to Congress. He can be left alone until then.


To be honest, I’ve been focused on precisely this over the last couple of days: the utterly bizarre legal theories that Mueller embraced in his report, and apparently belatedly embraced; and the extraordinarily credulous approach he took towards the Republican officialdom. Not to mention his decision-making. The *political *decision not to subpoena the president because the anticipated benefits of concluding the investigation outweighed the benefits of ensuring equality before the law for presidents. The decision not to subpoena Don Jr. The decision not to indict Don Jr because of his ignorance of the law (an astonishing conclusion to reach if you haven’t subpoenaed him). The decision not to subpoena Kushner. The decision not express or even arrive at a judgment about whether Trump had committed obstruction of justice because to do so would be unfair. The decision–and this has not been mentioned anywhere I’ve seen–not to insist that Rosenstein recuse himself from handling the final report in any way. The decision to let the political appointee Barr handle the release of the report and not to insist on full participation in that matter. And so on and on. He has some questions to answer. The journalist was doing his job. Mueller left him with no option.


I know we’re all frustrated at Bob’s attempt at disappearing but the media - hard as it may be - needs to measure appropriateness. It is doubtful he will ever talk to the them leaving a house of worship, getting out of his car or exiting a Congressional hearing. We’re not dealing with Trump. The best we can hope is that he doesn’t pull punches when being questioned in the forum.


Mueller was charged with investigating an international crime. I don’t think there was anything in there about being a Joan of Arc-type national savior figure or a biblical prophet who denounced evildoers whether they committed crimes or not. Those last two roles we mostly assigned to him in our own minds without sending him the memo. I think that’s a big part of the disappointment—the months and months of expecting him to do something he was never asked to. He may well have a private opinion but he’s obviously keeping it that way.