Discussion: Mosque Shooter Promoted Fears Of ‘White Genocide’ In Rambling Manifesto

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Sounds like certain members of the US Congress.


“The Australian man who murdered 49 people at a pair of New Zealand mosques on Friday left behind a rambling manifesto outlining his white supremacist worldview and concern that an influx of foreign ‘invaders’ would lead to ‘white genocide’.”

A white Australian railing about “foreign invaders” and “genocide”.

The irony, it burns


Was this guy watching Tucker Carlson? Tucker is surely proud of having terrorists of using his platform for their crimes


Ever since Pearl Bailey did that all-black version of “Hello, Dolly!” in 1967, white people have gone batshit crazy and talking about dark-skinned people taking over and killing whitey.

So, you see, it’s all the fault of those gay guys on Broadway that shit like this massacre in New Zealand has happened.

(BTW, I am using “Fox and Friends” reasoning to reach my conclusion.)


It can’t be random that all the extreme sickos are either irrelevant or on the side of The Rump.


Yep… makes the spanish conquistadores look tame


We are in a state of shocked disbelief down here. This is about as far from our national self-image as you can get.

The ideology and rhetoric of the leader of the free world is not helping, and Senator Anning can fuck right off.

Semi-automatic shotguns are relatively easy to get hold of in NZ as they have legitimate use for hunting, but I haven’t yet heard much talk about his other weapons, I’m very curious about that.


I am so sorry. I was so shocked when this was reported because I thought it was so far from your image down there.

All I can say is I am so very sorry.



I want to know what type of weapons this guy used, how he got them, and then how he got them into NZ.
He’s Australian, and their strict gun control policies come up for discussion every time there’s a mass shooting anywhere else in the world. Are New Zealand’s policies that much different, less strict, more strict, what? Did he buy them in NZ, or did he buy them in Australia and then smuggle them in somehow?

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New Zealand gun control laws are almost as lax as those in the States. He definitely didnt buy them in Oz and import them, he most likely bought them in NZ…


Thank you. I’m not personally affected but I think most kiwis will be feeling that things will never be quite the same.


Ok, reading, reading. Pretty much Steve King stuff. Then this:

To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund.

??? I remember this incident as my wife and I had just been in Stockholm walking on the same street a couple days earlier. She was killed by a deranged Uzbek named Rakhmat Akilov who stole a beer truck and drove it down the Drottninggatan walking street. His issues had more to do with mental health and issues of the former-Soviet state than Islam. Something like 140 assault and batteries in under 2 minutes as he drove the truck through the crowded street. The four dead, including Ebba, were random. It’s almost aspirational for wannabe terrorists.


Gee, its been over four decades since Gaddafi made his stupid prediction. Now he’s dead and Europe is still decidedly not an Muslim continent. Though there are indeed many Muslim in Europe as there are in the U.S., but in most instances they have peaceful lives and get along quite well with most other in Europe and North America.

Ms.Owens, I suggest that you may be the one overreaching here.


Pizzaro’s treatment of Atahualpa and the Incas was hardly tame. It may have been the largest ransom in human history and Pizzaro still reneged on his end of the bargain.

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Seems logical and reasonable.


I saw a short part of the live stream when he was inside the mosque. It was brutal and he was definitely firing a fully automatic assault rifle.

True. But there is no shortage of Incas descendants today. Australian aborigines were nearly wiped out, and several distinct ethnic groups became extinct.


Hey, tech types … can the so-called “dark web” be hacked, disrupted, torn apart, whatever? I’m thinking of the 4chan or 8chan spaces. Why can’t they be taken down by people with expertise?