Discussion: Miller And Kushner Face Off Over Immigration Policy

investigate THIS!


Really? We’re supposed to give Kushner a white hat and say, “Oh–we all need to become Manicheans now and balance Miller’s evilness on immigration with Kushner’s goodness, and just ignore all that Middle East stuff Kushner’s mixed up in.”?

I agree immigration policy is a mess and saner heads need to have Trump’s ear; but still: Where did this article come from?


Yes–and to Barr and the rest who want to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, hey! The Times has already done that for you:


So, this is lining up as a showdown between Heinrich Himmler and Albert Speer?


While Trump purges DHS who is doing the other work of this behemoth agency?

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Great, let the dogs start biting each other.


Raise your hand if you miss a coherent, functioning government.


Trump won’t be happy until a phalanx of Marines mows down a crowd of migrants in a hail of machine gun fire. That his wet dream.


I am speculating of course, but I would wager Kush’s plan would be a pro-business/cheap labor sort of plan that Trump would call “open borders” if it came from the Democrats. He strikes me as motivated by profit and not ideology. His plan will last about as long as Lou Dobbs allows.


Two inexperienced guys in their 30s. As my father used to say, “you can’t teach experience.” And these guys have very little experience and, hence, very little credibility. Good thing we have a couple of other branches of government.


This passage would appear to confirm your suspicions:

As part of that effort, Kushner has convened a series of informal listening sessions with almost 50 groups, including anti-immigration advocates, business and conservative groups coming together to talk through ideas.

Notably missing from that list is “root causes” kinds of organizations. But hey! I just heard today there’s a labor shortage in construction, which is indeed a real need in this country, but which also shouldn’t outweigh basic social and economic justice issues as we think through immigration policy reform.

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So this article is a perfect example of the AP whitewashing, so to speak, Miller: “Miller, the unrelenting hard-liner, sees illegal and legal immigration as existential threats to national security and the American worker”

Yes Miller is so concerned about American workers… What is missing from this entire article, is the commitment to a white ethnostate that is what is actually driving Trump and Miller and their ilk.

This is how it happens, mainstream media are too timid to call a spade a spade, and to point out the underlying ideology, allowing them to get away with pretending it’s about “protecting workers”.



by way of AP


Man: Now that’s an image I didn’t intend to create when I first wrote it and now really regret having done.

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Yes. It all seems veerry conveeeeenieeeent for this piece to show up when it does. Unless I just missed it somewhere, I’d had no idea that Kushner was also working on immigration policy; up to this point, this administration has not been shy about promoting him as the James Baker III of this White House.

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Cage fight death match!!!

I’d probably stick a crow-bar in my wallet and pony up for the pay-per-view on that. If I had a TV. :grin:

It’s like Miller never got over his bris.


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With this bunch, profit is an ideology.