Discussion: Militia Leader Threatens To Rip Reid's Balls Off Over Bundy 'Civil War' (VIDEO)

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“All over this country, at this moment, we are still staring civil war in its bloody face,” Vanderboegh said. “It can never be over until one side or the other wins.”

“He is promising us all civil war on a vast scale,” he continued.

Nope, we already had a civil war. Your side lost. If you want to have another one, your side with lose again only it’ll be far worse than the last time.


Vanderboegh, an Afrikaner in the Bundy Bore War?


Sounds like a clear case of terroristic threat to me…off to jail for you.


I am not a fan of drones and I certainly don’t think they should be used on our own soil. However thanks to Cliven Bundy and ass hats like Vanderboegh I beginning to rethink my position


High time brave men defended the soverignty of the male head of household over the tyrrany of Federal over reach.


An old man, badly hunched, threatens civil war with the rest of the old grandpas? These guys are pathetic. They need to worry less about ripping off Harry Reid’s balls than stepping on their own.


Dear Mr. Vanderboegh: If you actively advocate treason and insurrection, you don’t get to call yourself a “patriot” anymore.


Is this snark? Because if it isn’t you need help.


So old white dudes want to take over the country by means of a civil war. Dead. Enders.

Vanderboegh then told supporters that he is going to send Reid a soap dish for inciting a war.

Um, what?


I was in Las Vegas over the weekend and the local news broadcasts indicated due to “serious threats”, Senator Reid’s security detail was being beefed up. The networks were not given details on the threat.

This may be why.


I can’t believe TPM buried the lede. The Patriot Leader Mike Vanderboegh is on Social Security disability. He was the idiot that encouraged Tea partiers to throws rocks at Congressional offices. He travels around the county on his SS disability checks protecting the border in Arizona, rallying for gun rights in Virginia and now in Nevada with fellow welfare grazing owner Cliven Bundy.

The minute I saw his name in the story I remember this guy and his disability story from the Post.



I’m betting that the FBI and maybe other law enforcement agencies have started files on each and every person at the Bundy ranch and around that area. Maybe the IRS has done so, too, since probably there’s more than one of them that cheats or ducks out of paying taxes.


Thanks for the info and link. Smart detective work. I wonder if he’d really like to destroy that government that pays him his monthly income.

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Not only are we letting Bundy graze for free, we’re also giving these guys more than enough rope.

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I’m willing to bet that spying drones are flying over that place daily, and are so small and so high and so quiet that they cannot be noticed on the ground. Either that, or satellite cams, look at how you can see the make and models of cars in a close-up view of Google maps from satellite images these days.

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Reid took on the mob in Vegas, I doubt he spends much time worrying about these yahoos.


Wasn’t talking about camera drones. And I am quite sure you are correct.

An old white moocher bigot on social security is threatening Harry Reid. I bet Reid is just shaking in his boots about now. LOL.

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