Discussion: Mick Mulvaney Is Our Duke Of The Week

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Duke? Or just one of many Clown Princes in the Trump Swamp Castle?


Mulvaney, Compté de Grifte.

Baron of Scruples?


Viscount of Vice?


Marquis de Malversation.


Dauphin of Duplicity?


I’m so happy for Mick winning this award! So richly deserved!

There’s something about him that makes him even more contemptible than Pruitt. In 1930s Germany, he would have been a very good Nazi – I know I know, Goodwin’s law and all that, but he even looks like a Hollywood Nazi, and, more important, he has the makings of the real thing.

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As election law expert Rick Hasen notes, Justice Kennedy explicitly wrote that “ingratiation and access, in any event, are not corruption.”
[Emphasis added.]

No, Mr. Justice Kennedy, ingratiation isn’t corruption. Ingratiation and access lead to corruption. Think of it like teenagers making out: it isn’t pregnancy, but it can sure lead to pregnancy.

Seriously, do they remove almost all life experience when someone becomes a Supreme Court Justice?


Must be really hard to pick out the winner each week.
The list of acceptable contestants grows by the day for each week.
Do you just end up closing your eyes and throwing a dart a wall full of pictures to stop the arguing?? lol lol


IF as Justice Kennedy said, “ingratiation and access, in any event, are not corruption” is true as it applies to elected and other public officials. then I do not know what corruption is.

It seems to me that ingratiation (resulting from the payment of money) and access (resulting from the payment of money) is corruption in one of its worst forms and should constitute a criminal act by both parties, the payer and the recipient of this largess. In my view, Mulvaney is criminally corrupt and should be prosecuted.


Count De Boodle?


Following his speech to the American Bankers Association, Mulvaney’s spokesperson claimed that his words had been misinterpreted, noting that Mulvaney also said he would listen to his constituents regardless of whether they donated. His money-talks “hierarchy” only applied to lobbyists.

I think we need to demand to see Mulvaney’s schedules and minutes of meetings he had with his constituents.
Also did he hold in person townhalls or tele-townhalls? (IMO tele-townhalls are just as bad as only meeting with donors who gave you money. Too easy to screen for the folks you know)


Squire of Scoundrels


He so richly deserves this award! He also should get a Golden Fleece Award as should the entire Trump cabinet. So many grifters all in one place has never been seen before.

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Sovereign of the Smellyfreckle …


Justice Kennedy explicitly wrote that “ingratiation and access, in any event, are not corruption.

Maybe not, but ingratiation and access corrupt.

“Duke” refers to Randy “Duke” Cunningham, corrupt Republican congressman from Southern California, after whom the Golden Duke Award is named…

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Crumb bum?

Evil Leprechaun

Think about how people get to the court these days. Top-end law school, followed by clerking for a justice or other federal judge, typically followed by a stint as a government staffer and/or on the intellectual side of a fancy law firm. Followed by appointment to the federal bench. Not really a lot of room for life experience there, at least not experience that would lead to empathy with people who are powerless. Probably lots of empathy for the powerful-who-feel-powerless (exactly like those lobbyists who get no public respect).

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