Discussion: MIA Melania Is Choosing To Stay Off The Grid

Per Politico, the first lady considers the myriad health inquiries she has received nosiness, not concern, and has no problem going dark in a media landscape she finds overwhelming to begin with.

Jeebus, this is not hard. You show her convalescing in a hospital bed or lounging in silk pajamas and say she’s recovering nicely.

I get that she’s not the publicity hound that Trump is, but she’s the First Lady and there’s going to be interest.


Here’s a question. Does Trump care enough about Melania to know what her diagnosis was, the treatment she had, what the risks were, what her recovery involves, when her follow-up visits are, her doctor’s name? Most husbands would.

Or, does he just know her physical location, and he’d pronounce “She’s doing great” whatever her condition is?


It’s almost as if the daily scandals over ever increasing number of porn stars and Playboy centerfolds and allegations of abortion hush money payments made her uncomfortable.

Personally, I think her stay at Bethesda Naval Hospital was to have the geo tracking implant removed. Sadly, the lobotomy is irreversible.

Or has Mel flipped?


I won’t be surprised if she gets indicted with the rest of the Trump progeny, kith and kin.


She should have left the SOB years ago—before she picked up his racist (birther) ideology. Because of that, I am less sympathetic to her plight.



“…Or has Mel flipped?..”

Ya know, I never thought of that, but that could be a delicious revenge for a woman scorned. Divorce would not likely burn Trump. She knows that, but burning him by talking to the the prosecutor about things she knows – well, that would just be another kettle of fish.


There is going to be interest and in the absence of information there is going to be speculation.

With the background of this administration and its penchant for “privacy” when they are doing things not conducive to public scrutiny - a fair amount of that speculation is going to be unkind.

By not giving out even a modicum of information her comms team is creating the impression there is something she wishes to hide. She would get the privacy she wants by being honest.


“Sadly, we deal with conspiracy theories all the time, so this is nothing new, just more silly nonsense,”


That would be the ultimate payback

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Actually it is believable to me that she is simply not feeling well or not looking well and wants some time out of the spotlight. Still. She makes me wonder if she had some plastic surgery. For many facial procedures, people need at least a couple of weeks, sometimes longer, before it’s possible to go out in public without people noticing swelling or scars (if makeup properly applied).


Think of all the things that she might have asked the doctor to put on her “refrain until fully recovered” list.

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Boy, Stephanie Grisham is a real piece of work, isn’t she? I’ll bet she’s a loyal “Roseanne” viewer.
Hey Steph - Michelle Obama was harassed for 8 years by the RW media for having bare arms and a non-existent “whitey” tape. If Ms. “Former Model” Melania Trump can’t handle the heat, then tell her to stay out of the designer kitchen she would never use anyway because, after all, that’s what the help is for.


Hey, Melania! Blame it all on Ambien.
Personally, I blame Obama.


I’m still waiting for some reporter to finally throw her racist “Birther” bullshit that she pulled back in her face.
And no, I do not have, and never have had, any sympathy for the poor, downtrodden Mrs. Trump.


I don’t think he cares at all. The affairs that the American people know about occurred right after she gave birth. Women are fungible to him— he’s only interested in how he can use them.


“Mamma MIA! The Melania Trump Musical!”


Smarter than I give her credit for, but I still think she’s very smart for marrying him in the first place though!

thank you

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Well I bet he got her a get well card. A real nice one.