Discussion: Mexico Official: 'Affluenza' Teen Wins Temporary Stay Against Deportation

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$5 wager on “he can’t get a fair trial in Texas” excuse.


I really wonder how that Judge can even show his face in court after such an absurd decision, especially now that this brat has made a mockery of his decision. And if he would even have the audacity to stand for another term.


Hmmm - three days - sounds like just about enough time for the judge’s check to clear.


Nobody really noticed when the tide turned, and Rome’s greatness and power began its ebb into the long, slow slide to oblivion.

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you beat me to it

He seems nice.

I do think the prior picture of him (dark hair and dead eyes) captured his essence more accurately though.


So what do you think - are we a third of the way down the slide yet?

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I hope they throw both of them in jail and him for a very long time.


The fact that this little shit is being granted any respect at all, by anyone, means we’ve reached terminal velocity.


What, give people who crossed the border illegally due process? I wonder if he’s going to ask for asylum based on a fear of persecution for his political belief that the law doesn’t apply to him.

The judge retired shortly after her ruling.


Money and Mexico goes hand in hand. We may never see Couch again if his parents spend enough money in Mexico.


Ah, thank you. Cause and effect?

I don’t dispute what you say. However, years ago, my boyfriend and I were trying to get on to a ferry from Cabo to Puerto Vallarta. It was a 22-hour ferry ride and the ferry only ran twice a week. We had tickets for a cabin, but the vehicular space was sold out. The very nice man who ran the ferry office (and looked exactly like Fernando Lamas) had me wait for several hours while he oversaw the loading of all the trucks and lorries. Finally, he directed 2 men with tape measures out to my car where they calculated that they could squeeze it on the ferry. I tried 3 times to discreetly slip Fernando Lamas a bill but he refused to accept it. “Senorita, it’s my job,” he told me. By the third time, I realized I was insulting him so I settled for simply offering my profuse thanks. Not everyone in Mexico is on the take.


Not everyone. And miraculously you fond the only one that isn’t.

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a phone call for pizza led to their capture

What really tipped off the authorities, however, was when he kept drunkenly yelling that he wanted “fucking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese.”


I have no problem with that.

Throw the turd in a mexican jail…see how he likes being “affluenza” now! While you’re at it, throw the mom in there with him!

Yeah, on his Dad’s “campaign” money…

They’ll try every gambit imaginable, not only this…

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