Discussion: Meh: Nearly Half Of Americans Don't Care Who Controls Congress

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This just shows how well the repubs have done with controlling the media. How could anyone not see the difference between the two parties? How could women not see how the repubs want to send them back to the 1950s and early 1960s? This has been going on for 30+ years and are we now going to lose it all? The sadness I feel has no words.


“If I don’t know much about the people running in a race, I just always vote against the incumbent,” he said. “I assume change is good.”

Because spending a half hour to acquaint yourself with their policy positions is just asking too much of a citizen.

Or you’re a lying sack of shit about your politics when your twitter feed retweets Donald Trump wisdom and contains this gem of an original thought:

“It pleases me a very great deal that apple does guerilla advertising with Limbaugh.”



Well, nearly half of all Americans are flaming idjits and proud of it.


I’ve never really noticed any difference in my life depending on which party is in

Wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that.

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Damn right. Being an idiot used to be something to be ashamed of. Now it’s something people proudly broadcast.


And wearing an ‘I’m with stoopid’ T-shirt…with the finger pointing upwards.

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Give the GOP credit. They’ve been working for 30 years to demoralize the entire country and destroy the middle class. We may feel like we’re winning the little battles, but I fear that they’re winning the larger war.

30 years of bullying the media into “Both Sides Do It” coverage. 30 years of false equivalency and propaganda. 30 years mocking science, teachers, unions and anything remotely intellectual. 30 years telling people that they should really be worried about guns and religion instead of that silly stuff that Democrats like to talk about – jobs, education, infrastructure, health care, the environment and retirement security.

The trends are not encouraging.


This poll is precisely why it was such a smart move for Pelosi to seat Democrats on the Benghazi select committee. Most Americans are fucking idiots who couldn’t possibly begin to understand boycotting something to avoid giving it an air of legitimacy. Most Americans would just think, “Derp welp, the Democrats is just scared, must be somethin’ to this Bengay thing.”.


Excellent point Plucky.

This poll irritates me because these are the same people who complain that Congress is broken yet they don’t vote or vote against their own self-interests.


Not that the Democrats help, with a combination of kowtowing to the GOP and always letting them set the narrative…

Exactly. I’m so sick to death of these idiots. I really am. They whine that Obama hasn’t gotten more done or complain about the cost of education, and then immediately go vote for Republicans. Sorry, I no longer have any sympathy or basic compassion for these people. Republicans aren’t destroying America, stupid Americans are. And the rest of us are forced to live with the consequences of their stupidity.


this poll makes perfect sense. the dems got power when Obama was elected and what was the first thing they did - foreclose on the middleclass and poor and subsidize the rich thru a recession (and then have the nerve to talk about income inequality). the dems and this president continue to increase cost on the middleclass by allowing huge corporations to manipulate markets as to increase cost on middleclass families (without putting out a better product) ie generic drug cost, taxing the internet, fcc net neutrality, airline consolidation, internet and television delivery companies, trade deals, taxing withdrawals from your 401k when you are broke etc, etc. the democrats need a better campaign slogan than it could be worse under a republican administration or congress. how much worse can it be than to lose your house and have the gov’t tax withdrawals from your 401k at 40%, however allow the rich to put their bad assets on the gov’t’s books.

oh yeah, and then have the nerve to spy on the American people

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For the last 30+ years, Republicans have run on the idea that government can do NOTHING but hurt you and they have been pointing to what we are really, really good at-- compromise-- as proof

Now we have a government that is paralyzed simply because you have two competing philosophies of government. One is that government screws up a lot but basically it does good for people. The second one is that government should do NOTHING except defend the country. Because if it does anything else, it will be bad.

After beating on this drum ever since Reagan, this notion has almost become accepted conventional wisdom. It is only now that people are starting to see that this idea ruins our economy, gets us involved in wars in the wrong country and leaves millions without sny health insurance or unemployment benefits.

Even worse it erodes the basic instinct of Americans to at least TRY to solve a problem. It may not work but it is American to at least TRY. it replaces this idea with a throwing-up of hands and saying ‘What can ya’ do?" This is a pernicious attitude and calling people idiots because they have been fooled does not help at all.


Civics education throughout the school years is sorely needed. Why are so many people indifferent about voting rather than acknowledging that it is a fundamental right and responsibility of citizenship?


very good post

The idiocy of these make-work polls is astounding but they do work well with the pretend cable media’s unquenchable demand for meaningless babble. The vastly uninformed American people don’t care until they care as any casual observer of the last 50 or so years would have already gathered.

Nearly Half Of Americans WalMartians Don’t Care Who Controls Congress

Fixed it!

On the most substantive issues there’s little difference between the parties.

Both Democrats and Republicans support:

U.S. imperialism, maintaining and growing 1200 military bases globally, conducting military operations in over 120 countries, drone strikes against nations without a declaration of war in violation of international treaties, trillions of dollars for bailing out wall street, legal immunity for wall street bankers, legal immunity for virtually all members of the .1%, legal immunity for high ranking members of the surveillance state, privatization of health care, free trade agreements, tax rates under 30% for corporations, effective tax rates under 25% for multimillion dollar incomes, collecting and storing all the electronic communications of Americans without the warrant required, privatization of public schools, voting on unverifiable touch screen machines, genetically modified food, private control of the nation’s money and credit, fossil fuel dependence for the next several decades, nuclear power, no real plan to mitigate the worst outcomes of catastrophic climate change, an executive branch with virtually unlimited unchecked power, placing the public airwaves of radio and t.v. under private control, placing the internet under private control.

This is a short list of commonalities between the parties.

On social issues such as gay marriage and women’s rights there are moderate differences. However, the 1% uses these concerns to sidetrack the public from more pressing issues that would infringe on their further accumulation of wealth and power.

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More proof that the dumbing down of America is having the desired effect upon the ability of the voters to recognize the screwing they are getting from the party of NO.

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