Discussion: McConnell Warns Countries Against Obama's UN Climate Plan

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anything that might restrict kentucky coal from polluting the shit out of the planet is NOT ok with mitch, AND, it is an obama plan. a two-fer for bitchin mitch.


Nobama CLIMAte chanGE POLicy = Job KILLING
NOBAMAcare = Job KILLIng
NOBAma’s hate of war = JOb kiLLING

HAs LIbtards Asked theMSelves WHY Nobama Wants to KILL the JOBS?
Nobama KIlls JOBs to MAKE everYONE dePENDent ON the GOVernment IN ORDer TO usher IN A permaneNT SOCialistic UTOPIARY!111!1!one11!11!1


Thank you, Mitch-- further solidifying the next generation of voters for the D’s. These science-denying MF’ers are digging their own ploitical grave. Unfortunately, their only future hope is to dumb-down Amurica even further-- hence their education policies. Here’s to hoping that does not work, however, the offspring of simple-minded fools are most likely to be simple-minded fools as well as " the douche does not fall far from the bag".


Obama’s plan “will not seriously address the global environmental concerns that are frequently raised to justify it,” so, you know, let’s do nothing.


I can’t believe the Repubs are too stupid to realize they’re ruining their after congress high rolling speech careers. Is this the Koch secret plan? They’re tired of the non-ending, overpaid speeches.

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I am sure the whole world piped right up and took note of every word from the great,and wise majority leader from Kentucky…no not really… LOL!


From their efforts to undermine the Presidency itself, Republicans give the impression they themselves believe their party will be locked out of the White House for the forseeable future. This is the tell.


Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. Are you an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN’T?

Quit whining about crap and do the people’s business.


Our good friends the Saudi’s are keeping oil prices low so that it’s not economically feasible to frack. I think to have fracking profitable, oil needs to be above $80 a barrel or something like that.


Hey Sen. McConnell (R-COAL) how did your goal of making President Obama into a one-term president work for you?


Yah, and they let the companies that frack get fully invested in it, start production, and let them hope the price of oil would stay high. Now those companies HAVE to produce oil or they can’t recoup any of their big investment.

Keeping prices low, at this particular point, REALLY stabs the folks who got involved in fracking. The oil they extract will not pay their bills. And the bills are really big.


I guess it is becoming a routine function of the GOP to try to outdo themselves every other week in their attempt at showing the world what a giant puss pimple on America’s ass they really are.


And the thing is, much of the civilized world wants America to get on board with a climate plan.


It’s important to remember all this resistance from the prostitutes in the oil industry has delayed things past the tipping point.

We need to move past the ridiculous debate about the existence of climate change and into the planning and infrastructure necessary to mitigate the coming damage.

If we start right now, we may finish up in time…


other countries point and laugh at Mitch McConnell.


Where is he getting the two thirds? Both houses of Congress count as Congress for power. He could mean the SCOTUS but they have no upfront role in the matter. And given past ruling it is hard to see how they would be against this. It is allowing the states alot of leeway.

And a law being challenged in the courts does not stop being, nor do any agreements or agency regulations. Unless a judge puts a hold on it. But that is hard to do. The sane thing to do would be to realize that as it works its way through the system it will still be implemented until a court does something.

What a nut.

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… except to siphon out tar sands for our Canadian friends (also the Koch brothers who own huge tracts of land in the tar sands) as well as keep mountain-topping for West Virginia and Kentucky coal. Gotta keep producing that coal ash – can’t let them there rivers get too clean, you know.

Why does Mr. McConnell hate our earth so much?


AND, from what I’ve heard, the Saudis can wait it out for a long time. They can live with $40 barrel oil; other countries absolutely cannot.

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