Discussion: May To UK Lawmakers: Give Me More Time To Get A Brexit Deal

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Perhaps May should seek out the counsel of our illustrious ‘president’. He’s renowned for his negotiating skills and for ‘the art of the deal’.


to think, all we are trying to do is get rid of trump. lol


The vote was non-binding.
The vote was non-binding.
The vote was non-binding.
The vote was non-binding.


Let the people vote on it, now that they know what Brexit truly entails.


UK Prime Minister May is a deeply stubborn and irredeemably stupid person. The obvious solution is a second referendum. The first one was marred by massive disinformation, lies, and Russian meddling. BREXIT is a complete catastrophe for Great Britain, its economy, standing in the world, and its territorial integrity. (Scotland and Northern Ireland could leave the United Kingdom if BREXIT happens).

What is wrong with her?


Our illustrious president is probably on the phone with her right now, advising a no-deal Brexit crash out of the EU. He’s a big fan of the bold disruptive move and not thinking about what comes next. Like a significant part of the UK population in that first vote, apparently.

My simplistic American view is that they should either hold another vote, or just move directly to the next phase with a no-deal Brexit, followed by unification of Ireland and Scottish independence. Go for broke.


This would be a farce, if it wasn’t so deadly serious. The fact they’re not doing the obvious -calling for a revote -makes me wonder who else has been compromised by Russia.


HAHAHAHA I saw the headline and said, “Girl, just let that shit go.”


Putin is getting what he wants.


With Brexit just 47 days away, the British government asked lawmakers on Sunday to give Prime Minister Theresa May more time to rework her divorce deal with the European Union.

Talk about your five minutes being up.


There’s got to be something very significant that I’m missing here. Why are they seemingly so determined to go through with something that nobody really wants, will obviously be disastrous for all concerned, and which they can avoid by withdrawing their exit notice and holding a new referendum or otherwise stabilize their EU membership?


Submarine made of cheese is a bad idea. It’s time to admit it.


Bernard-Henri Lévy asserted today on Fareed’s GPS show that the world was returning to a pre-Columbian order, i.e. one in which the United States did not exist due to the vacuum of power created by the Trumpian proxification of the US, including all those Michael Flynn buds like Saudi, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Malaysia. And of course you have the rise of China over the past four decades and now the sudden unexpected arrival of India. Brexit is usually portrayed as the worst own-goal ever scored by a country: blowing off 10% of your GDP, stranding assets and people all over Europe, and chucking five centuries of common law is no small accomplishment, like shooting yourself in the foot and then still shooting the other foot anyway. The problem more deeply is that something about digital existence made if fairly simple and cheap to destabilize existing political orders. Brexit was an idea with no plan, no destination, just a door. But it’s not so much a pre-Columbian world without the New World as 15th century Russia, boyars and all, with smartphones. It’s time to revote, return to the EU fold, and do a little outreach in anticipation of post-Trump normality where healthier pursuits prevail.


I am torn between finding some comfort in the fact that we are not the only country with deep problems based on stupidity, and being distressed to think that the whole civilized world is falling victim to its own stupidity.


No, rip up the idiotic fucking referendum and let British subjects campaign for office in Parliament with a platform which asserts a specific mechanism and specific policy position for exiting the common market. And if this idea can’t win the support of a majority of new MPs, it won’t happen and the status quo remains. Just how any other political change might be made in the United Kingdom.

Putting this up to a petulant popular vote was so stupid and so destructive it literally makes me shake with anger.


The people of the EU certainly have a short-run and maybe even an intermediate interest in avoiding the economic pain of a disorderly Brexit but the governance of the EU has a long-run existential interest in demonstrating that leaving the EU turns your country into a second-rate economic player and maybe a fairly serious socioeconomic wreck.

Short version: A broad, constructive, win-win deal that Theresa May can sell to her coalition does not appear to exist.

There is a German expression of uncertain origin: Die flucht nach vorne antreten, “to take flight (‘retreat’) forward,” to try to decisively free oneself from a difficult situation from which it is not possible to withdraw.

The UK government should retreat forward: Repeat the referendum with all the hard facts on the table and w/ all the rosy Brexiter bullshit (as repeated by UK media) publicly debunked.

Or be really bold and repudiate it outright, arresting main Brexit promoters like Nigel Farage as Russian agents provocateurs to make the point stick.


I get the angriest on this site when the subject turns to Brexit. because the Brits have more control over their elected officials than we do.


Why do the GOP, who repeatedly told us through the decades that they were the only true blue patriots, let the White House be occupied by a treasonous, cowardly idiot?

power, and for the people they manipulate, the blindness that comes with fear


and a better press