Discussion: Majority of Republicans View Voter Fraud As A 'Major' Problem

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I have no objection to the photo-ID requirement either… IF they make getting a free photo ID easy and relatively pain free. They should be able to do it at every post office, and at CVS or Walgreens, or other regional corner stores. There also needs to be a station at every homeless shelter to make it easy for the homeless to obtain an ID with an address. Until everyone has equal and easy access to a free photo-ID, we can’t require one to vote.


I often wonder if a majority of GOPpers think voter fraud is a problem is because given the chance THEY would do it…because based on the evidence, you know, REAL FACTS there is very little.


The Oregon model is the way to go. If you are able to vote, you are automatically registered, and every voter receives their ballot in the mail. Make it as easy as possible to vote, and encourage as many people to vote as we can.


There’re many aspects of objective reality that the majority of Republican voters don’t or won’t accept. Like global, climate change, for example. It’s what makes them dangerous.


Republicans are correct; voter fraud is a major problem. If they fail to engage in voter fraud in sufficient volume in November, they’re going to lose.


Excellent point!


Interestingly enough most cases of voter fraud prosecuted in the past have been against Republicans, a known group of scumbags.


If you repeat the lie often enough…


Well, the GOP noise machine has succeeded in making a unicorn something to be afraid of.

Once again, objective reality only exists to further your political agenda, otherwise, screw it.


If republicans really think voter fraud is a problem, they should tell each other to stop doing it.


A majority of Republicans believe voter fraud is a “major” problem,

But really - isn’t it simply - A majority of Republicans believe voting by minorities is a “major” problem,


I’m old enough to remember the 1990s, when Republicans objected to a proposal for a national ID card as a slippery slope to Big Brother. Good times.


I’ve been a poll worker for many years now and have seen things that to me actually run up to the point of fraud but are technically legal. Our Republican Town Supervisor would wheel in her blind, senile mother “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style and then legally “assist” her in the voting booth. One couple brought in their pretty 20-year-old daughter and after I told the dad to please take off his McCain hat, she immediately started talking in a fashion that made it clear she was at best a moderately functioning person with a developmental disability. But she was able to sign her name in the polling book, so she could vote - with assistance from Daddy, of course.


Personally, I’m more worried about being trampled to death by a unicorn stampede.


one of their ‘champions’ has done it at least twice

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I should also state that in the dozens of elections I’ve worked, there has never been a problem with voter impersonation - someone stating he’s Joe Blow, voting in Joe Blow’s name, and then the real Joe Blow shows up later. That just doesn’t happen.


Yeah, we can use that Play Doh to build levies to keep the rivers from flooding their banks. Or better yet, use it to build a wall on the Southern border to keep them Mexicans out. People who manage disaster relief are the first one’s to tell you that cash is the best thing to send at this stage of a disaster. Not clothing, food, or toys. Those just create storage and distribution problems. This was just a stunt.


I hate these fucking people. Republicans have scrabbled around, all over the country, for the last 15 years looking for voter fraud, and it just isn’t there. It doesn’t happen, and it isn’t like it would be tough to show it if it had.

There are only two ways to pull off what we call voter fraud, that is, in person voter fraud: You can vote in the name of another living voter, or you can vote in the name of a dead voter. Nobody would try to steal an election by voting in living voters’ names, since it would be too risky, and the odds are you couldn’t steal more than a few votes before voters began coming in only to find out somebody else had already voted in their names. When that happens, the game is over.

Voting in dead people’s names would be easier, but it’s easy as hell to find out if it happened. Just go to the county seat of any county where you think this has happened, and check the list of voters who voted in the last election against the death records. If anybody tried to steal an election this way, it would take only a short while to find scores of voters who cast votes after they died. If it happened, anywhere, the proof is out there. But they looked and looked, and they never found anything. I saw one report in the New York Times, I think, that found 31 cases of real voter fraud out of something like 1,000,000,000 votes cast between 2000 and 2012. This whole “issue” is a fucking lie.


Voter fraud is a problem. However, my definition of voter fraud is very VERY different from the Republican definition.