Discussion: Local GOPers Resign, Leave Party Over Trump’s ‘Misguided’ Presser With Putin

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Yup. Make a terrible mess, then leave without helping to clean it up.



It would be nice if this became a trend.


The fish rots from the head so I guess the stench has finally reached the tale


Well, now, I’d urge a bit more generosity. What do we want, if not for people to leave the party because they can’t in good conscience support it? I applaud that.


Trump shocked the masses

It took shamefully long enough, and it is still shamefully inadequate — but it has to start somewhere.


Here’s hoping the GOP at the national level get forced into dealing with it (a president publicly choosing to side with a foreign adversary) because the state/local people have hit their treason limit.


RINOs! Apostates! Let the stoning commence!


The President is entitled to GOP party leaders, at all levels, fully committed to his views and agenda.

Not when his agenda is destroying the country he isn’t. As a nation, we are entitled to a president that is fully committed to OUR views and agenda. If he was any kind of leader, he could help shape that vision and guide us forward.

@mattinpa Resigning in good conscience is one thing, but folks like this have a duty to help clean up the mess they made. Unless he takes up a position opposite of his party leadership this just seems cowardly to me.


Just remember that past outrages quickly faded among his base. There are plenty of loyal stooges that will stick by him. After the storm passes it will be like it never happened.


Kind of a Catch-22 though isn’t it? Quitting is a quick and easy way out, makes a brief statement, but does it change anything? He even says he’s stepping aside so a committed Nazi can take his place.


So what would you suggest? That he goes to the next party meeting and does a murder-suicide thing? Would that be the right, moral, and sufficient thing? Puzzled here.


Let’s hope the main stream media gets to Mike Pence ASAP and gets him on the reocord with Trump’s presser with Putin.

It is critical t get as many of Trump’s people on the record now so when Mueller and our intelligence agencies expose Trump and his entire Russian mobsters that the public will demand a full house cleaning…Pence is involved with the Russian interference and attacks on the US. Pence was in charge of Trump’s team and selecting who would be on that team…Pence is in bed with Trump and Putin!

Impeaching Trump and allowing Pence to step in will NOT fix the problem!


I did say it’s sort of a Catch-22. But is murder-suicide his only other option? Why can’t he be a constant and loud voice of dissent from within? Fight to purge the corruption. What @lizzymom said – work to clean up the mess.


As goes Belmont county… so goes Coshocton!

The card and letter of protest are pouring in.


sounds like a tall tail to me.


From his vantage point that may not be a viable thing. We notice often that even as it seems to be shrinking, the GOP is ever more tightly balled up with Trump. This guy may have the same perception we do from a closer observation point.

But honestly I’ve had my say on this—if a GOP leader quits, I think that’s awesome. What I do hope is this translates to a broader wave of apathy and disappointment among people who said I went so far but can’t go further. Like this:

I think today may have been a turning point in #TheResistance. Trump's treasonous betrayal of America was on full display on the world stage for all to see. Over the past few hours, I've heard from MANY Republicans who voted for Trump and now admit they were wrong. #TreasonSummit

— Jon Cooper 🌊 (@joncoopertweets) July 16, 2018

You mean like selling anti-aircraft missiles to Iran during a US led embargo?


Whatever steps downstream R’s take to distance themselves from Trump is fine by me. They’re writing ads for the D’s fall campaign.


I’m surprised at the level of response from Republicans and the media. With the exception of the “I have President Putin” line, Trump said nothing at the press conference that he hasn’t said before. Does it matter that he said these things in Putin’s presence? Yes. But that doesn’t fundamentally change the character of what Trump has been saying. He has sided with the Russians over U.S. intelligence for many months.