Discussion: LISTEN: Hugh Hewitt Stumps Donald Trump On Iran's Revolutionary Guard

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Not his fault. He was on vacation when they discussed this topic on Fox News.


I heard this on NPR earlier and cringed.

Trump is completely clueless about everything.


Stumped the Trump Chump

Way beyond asking what newspapers and magazines he reads.


Does Trump know what “Quds” refers to? (hint: The Nobel Enclosure in Jerusalem)
Kurds=Quds? Does Trump know anything about Islam? Or the Kurds?
I’m not running for anything (and won’t be) but I’m willing to bet my social security check this month that I’m more knowledgeable in foreign affairs than Trump is.


He’s a moron.


That would be a gotcha question if the other candidates are not getting asked questions of similar detail and I don’t think they are getting posed such questions.

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Trump and Fiorina were asked the very same questions by the same radio personality. Fiorina was way more comfortable than Trump in answering questions. Not that I support either of these people.

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Please. The whole story is there in the first few seconds—Hewitt asks if he knows who Soleimani is and Trumps goes “ye-es” and straight-up asks for Hewitt to go on so he can get some context and guess at what they’re talking about. If Hewitt had simply said “Tell me” Trump would have had to give up. He’s a typical barroom bullshitter writ very, very large. The point isn’t whether it’s a gotcha question—the point is that Trump is a bullshitter through and through.


Word association games would be a swamp for Trump.


(in Trump’s brain): Ding Ding alert!! alert!! Who the fuck is Soleimani??

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Behold the doofus! Of course that was a gotcha question, because when tRump becomes president he will tell Iran to merge the Quds Force with the Kurds and that question will become completely irrelevant.

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Not to rise to the defense of Trump, but has anyone else been asked about the Quds? I’m guessing that 99% of America has never even heard the term.


Maddow played a snippet of Trump speaking in front of a yooooge crowd, and when he was asked what he thought of l’affaire Kim Davis, he said he hadn’t heard anything about it, didn’t know anything about it.


I think this incident is very telling and may explain Trumps rise in the polls,IMO the people who like Trump are just like him.
Had they been asked the same question they would have reacted the same way.Maybe,Oh Hugh you are trying to show off on me ? something to that effect again IMO.

They showed a clip of his answer on the Morning Joe show,and David Ignatius who seems to be a fairly serious guy on a lot of subjects was grinning like a cheshire cat rather than taken the gaff as a serious problem down the road, again IMO.

I also caught a segment last night how Trump isn’t spending any money on campaign ads,Hello !! he dosen’t have to he’s on every channel all day every day it seems.


Amazing ain’t it ?

Neither would he know the name of the president of Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.


99% of non-Muslim Americans would not know the meaning of the word (maybe Trump’s touted “managers” would) BUT all of us should know who/what the Quds force is considering they’re the major military/goon force in Iran.

t-Rump has another 14 or 15 months to go and there’s no way his so-called campaign will remain viable when this kind of ignorance is revealed. Maddow’s segment was a little head shaking (and also something that won’t be discussed elsewhere) but it showed he’s nothing more than a braggart on steroids and he’s RICH!!!


Currently I’m more worried about nukes falling into the hands of the GOP than Iran.