Discussion: Lincoln Chafee Drops Out Of The Presidential Race

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Debbie is high-fiving this morning for sure. Not only is another one down, but now there’s zero chance Lessig gets on stage next debate. O’Malley will start to feel the heat in mid-November.

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Aw, Link! We hardly knew ye.

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The metric system is the true loser Oh, the hughmanatee!


Zeppo has left The Marx Brothers…

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Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee ended his long-shit bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Friday.

…more typos like this one please.


Lincoln Chafee was running for President?? Now you tell me…

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He’s seems like a nice and decent guy and a good public servant. He was never going to have a following in the Democratic Party. But I would think he would certainly be welcome in the next administration as an ambassador or something else…


Who ?

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So here’s the difference. The Democrats’ super-longshots were people like Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb and, I guess, Larry Lessig. More or less obscure political figures who no one gave much of a chance.

The Republicans’ super longshots, however, are people like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and Frothy Santorum, who, I guess is still running while the front runners are people like Trump and Carson.

At this point, I’m really wondering whether the Republicans even qualify to be called a political party anymore.


I think this is true for Webb and Chafee. The HRC boosters around here have had nothing nice to say about either Webb or Chafee - and these are exactly the people we on “the left” should be welcoming as they abandon the crazy GOP.

There was never any need to get nasty about Chafee or Webb - they never posed any kind of real threat. Either of them would be excellent in the administration.

I have always figured Webb and Chafee were running for VP anyway, but I think O’Malley belongs there. He’s running for the top slot in the next open cycle anyway.


I’ve always been leery of Webb because he really seemed less than serious about politics. He was, after all, a one term Senator who then left politics. Overall, he’s a nice guy, but that kind of political record makes me a bit uneasy.

I honestly believe O’Malley should try to run for Senate. He needs to raise his profile before running for President again.

Chafee…he needed to kind of do the same and spend more time in the Democratic Party or at least on the national stage talking about the issues he’s passionate about.

As for Lessing…he really should just give up the ghost. No one will ever take him seriously after he announced he was going to resign the moment he became President and the others are already talking about campaign finance reform.


Well hell! There goes the Demometric Party chances. ~rimshot!~


On the other hand, Chafee did reveal he lost his Facebook password and knows how to shoe a horse! Well…there is that. Makes him more ‘human’?? No?
(*Sorry, but he always reminded me of that FOX stooge “Steve Douchey’” ___and I couldn’t get that image outta’ my head.)


Politics being what it is, this will generate more headlines than everything else about the Chafee campaign did.


Sure, I’ll agree with Webb. All I saw is people making fun of Chafee because he sucked really really.

Yup! After Webb’s departure, Chafee picked up enough steam to approach the first plateau of 1% in the polls.

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Sorry. I blinked. Did something happen?

Nooooo! He was doing so well…

Damn, but I wish enough democratic voters would realize that in the midterms though.

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