Discussion: Lewandowski Hopes Trump Sues NY Times ‘Into Oblivion’ For Tax Report

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CNN is going to wake up after the election horrified they didn’t wear a condom.


CNN pays him for this wisdom? Ted Turner must be turning over in his grave… I mean he MUST be.


That would be amazing, since he is not dead. :smiley:


This great friend of the First Amendment is the best CNN hire ever.


if it comes out that these are not accurate

Hummmmm…how on Earth could that happen? Trump Tower mailer, your move…
BTW, didn’t the Times open a field office in Oblivion back in 03?


Today’s CNN gives him reason to regret that situation:)


What a maroon. He does realize that, unlike all of the small businesses Trump browbeats via high paying lawyers, the NY Times has an entire legal department to handle idiots like Trump?

I dare Trump to sue the NY Times. He’d get his @$$ handed to him, be very publicly humiliated by the newspaper, and probably have to move out of NY eventually from utter shame.


I thought the accountant just verified that they were Donald’s tax returns and clarified the change in the font for the big number.
The returns themselves were released by an unknown source.
Maybe Marla, but who knows.


Although I, and many others here, have major bones to pick with the NYT over their election coverage this year, does this jagoff honestly believe the NYT would publish anything like this without knowing they were protected against any legal action? Trump and his campaign would have filed suit immediately after the article was published. I hope he sues, too, Corey, because he is going to lose his fucking ass. The NYT didn’t sign an NDA or a pre-nup like everyone else in Trump’s universe.


Lewandowski Hopes Trump Sues NY Times ‘Into Oblivion’ For Tax Report

And I hope Lewandowski’s wife is fat and sweaty and smells of garlic.


Remember, he thinks Roger Stone is a journalist and *
The National Enquirer * is a newspaper of record.


Hey, don’t point that finger at me, motherfucker! I wouldn’t take that shit from Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna take it from some brain-dead fucknut like you, Corey (who is probably constipated up to his brain from worry that any political career he may have had is almost certainly over. But he can always go back to beating up women, a fine career for any Republican).

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Well, I certainly hope he tries.


What an embarrassment, CNN.

Lewandowski (no relation to the great footballer) is an idiot, but you are giving him money to put your brand on his idiocy.


Trump: NYT is only supposed to publish anything harmful to Clinton. Putin and WikiLeaks are the preferred sources. All others are acceptable as well.


“There is no national security interest to Donald Trump’s taxes,” Lewandowski said.

  1. Could reveal he is beholden to foreign states (some antagonistic to the US)
  2. Could reveal that he is, indeed, a crook and that his presidency would be in turmoil as he is distracted by legal battles and possible convictions, impeachment and resignation from office.
  3. Could bolster the opinion that he really has no idea what he’s doing aside from his prodigal abilities in bullying.

Clearly the Secret Tower Mailer (calling Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys) is someone directed by an Ivanka or Don Jr., concerned over the hemorrhaging of the brand and future.


She’s not fat, but she’s got more chin than Leno!

If these documents showing Trump as using his huge losses to manipulate his tax bill are not accurate there is an easy fix: Trump should release his tax returns as has been done in Presidential races for the last 4 decades.

Here’s Corey’s real problem:

Shorter Corey: Damn. Very few voters are sucker enough to believe that Trump is on the level after this came out. Damn. Damn. Damn.