Discussion: Lawyered Up! Trump's Russia Scandal Enters Whole New Chapter


conflict inevitably ensues when a president has both White House counsel and private lawyers giving legal advice.

Add to this Trump’s habit of running off on his own tangent and there is an interesting show ahead.


Yep. Will he listen to his private attorney when he doesn’t listen to anyone else? It’s going to be riveting.


Kasowitz’s public spokesman has a comment:


Reference to the Clinton years is appropriate for discussing the process, conflicts and the legal hurdles that can be set up. However, in the current situation there’s a lot of there there, and the definition of “is” is that Trump and his gang is guilty of a lot of what there is. And, of course, Trump will keep tweeting.


Good to see the corporate fraud and FCPA experts appointed


The good thing about the tactic of fighting every discovery request in court is that we will be able to read the motions, responses and orders. It will give us at least some idea of what’s going on, and will keep the investigation in the news.


If that’s real you just have to sit back in amazement at the level of juvenile stupidity exhibited by that man.
That Tiny, Tiny man


That’s fine. If the Trump people don’t answer questions re. the Russian investigation, we have the right to assume the worst. I certainly will!


With apologies to the writer of The Jeffersons theme song

Lawyer On Up
(Think you know why)
It’s a witch hunt by the other side

Lawyer On Up
Putin’s my guy
And I’m stealing a bigger piece of the Pie-aye-aye!


So, I guess the president’s tweeting activity will now become like excretions from an impacted bullock… long periods where pressure builds up, punctuated by huge explosions of BS. Should be interesting for those who can stand the odium.


And we’ll really know something is up if Trump claims executive privilege when it comes to Comey actually testifying.


As a general rule, the law works very slowly. You can commit a larceny or even murder in a couple seconds, but the process of setting up a trial of the evidence, reaching a legal decision, and its possible appeals, can take years. Given the low-activity GOP congress, our understaffed executive and outside influence, this Trump stuff could drag on for years before a legal resolution of the matter is achieved. Much neater if we all just call it a day and he steps down, and those implicated so far go away as well. And sorry, that would include you, Rex. Whatever the personal costs involved, we have the hijacking of a $19 trillion economy, indeed, the $90 trillion global economy. Normal waiting could have monumental costs.


Wait. That hasn’t already been happening?

Yeah…that’s going to be a HUGE problem for his lawyers, and is no doubt the source of those stories that popped up last week that they were staging a “twitter intervention”. Which, quite obviously, failed.

Because, remember, all the Special Counsel has to do on anything is say something like “Trump is obviously too much of a coward to respond to this” and like clockwork, he will HAVE to respond in a tweet storm that he totally did it. He has zero impulse control on his ego, and every slight is perceived as the greatest grievance any man has endured, so he must respond.


Just wanted to say, this is an excellent article. Thank you again, Alice Ollstein for your great work.


This is what passes for a defense strategy?


I’m personally waiting for the first time someone asks Spicer about the Russia investigation, and he refers questions to the President’s outside counsel, only to have the reporter come back with:

“I’m not asking about the President, Sean. I’m asking about you: are you, personally, able to corroborate any of the President’s previous statements, or refute them, and have you and other White House staff retained outside counsel of your own?”


I don’t know how the executive will be able to delay short of obstruction as it was stated. I’m assuming since these issues were litigated during Clinton, there’s precedent. Also, there are more moving parts. And if Flynn and others roll this will pick up steam, particularly regarding Congressional investigations. Mueller may not leak, but but Congress is on live TV and staffers leak like sieves. So does, apparently, this WH.