Discussion: Koch Network Plans To Spend $889 Million In 2016 Campaign Cycle

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Wow. If they gave me $1,000,000 I would never talk shit about them ever again. Not a good return on their investment, but still, I do talk a lot of shit about them.


Is there a saturation point where no amount of money will swing an election one way or another?


I seem to remember there is, but I have no idea what the amount might be. I do remember it’s a lot.

Just a Billion?

Oh… right.

The Koch boys don’t consider SupremeCorporation payola as ‘campaign expenses’…

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Absolutely mind-boggling.

If there is, I don’t think we’re going to reach it anywhere as soon as others seem to. If they manage to shovel more money into the system than can be productively or efficiently spent in the system as it is, they’ll just incentivize people who want some of it to create new and innovative ways to subvert democracy.

That’s the real danger of this thing. Every dollar that is spent wastefully is a dollar some enterprising young talented sociopathic genius will see as an opportunity to offer the oligarchs a higher return on their investment. Then once their exciting new business model of, say, using computers to modulate the sub-audible hum of florescent lights in cubicle farm offices to implant election year messages of gratitude and devotion to our Galtian Overlords in our brains, a new industry arises which, in turn, becomes one more thing competing for the dollars of the side with limited funds (i.e. our side) that it has to buy or pay to counter to stay competitive,to the detriment of everything else.

In Businessbabble, even if you’re currently getting a low marginal return on your last dollar spent, outspending your opponent leverages your opponent’s opportunity cost of spending his last dollar in your favor.

The U.S. military is the ultimate lesson on the possible advantages in capability over your enemies massively outspending them can bring you along with the inevitable waste and failure of individual systems to perform as expected.


Wow, it turns out that one can buy a major political party in the US for about a quarter of the price that was paid for the company that made the computer game Minecraft. That’s an excellent value and I fully expect that the return on that $1B investment will be far greater than anything that they’d get by investing it in the private sector.

I wonder if they’ll rename the acquired party since it’s had difficulties of late with it’s brand.


But, but – Soros!


“Plans To Spend”?!?!?!!? Did they ever stop spending? I bet their cash flows through certain elements of the pundit class still, fluffing the various junior statesmidgets of the party. Plus, Koch money flowing through the media and schlock right wing production companies and ad agencies has really aided the Obama economic success story!

Money doesn’t talk, it swears.


It took a couple of tries but they finally managed to buy a lot of the government.

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As we all know, the SCrOTUS wing of the SCOTUS believes that money and corporations have rights over and above those of the common pond scum we call “citizens”.


KISS anti-campaign: NO to any candidate that accepts their money. “_______________” has been bought by Koch, et al. Vote for opponent.

Make the GOP candidate take a stand and run ads denouncing all the ads paid for via Kochtopus that advocate for them.

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And Tom Steyer.

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Of all the misbegotten decisions SCOTUS has issued Citizens United is the worst of them, the least thought out decision on par with reversing voting rights. And naive ill-informed Justice Kennedy said this to reassure us that everything would be fine

“We now conclude that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.”


So being that there are more democrats in this country then gopers,
44.8 million registered republicans
68.4 million registered democrats
42% being independents
We could really win the dark side of politics if everybody got on board.
Seems all it takes is money anymore and a scotus that needs to be fillibustered. lol

But, but Soros!!1!@!!2!@1!!

(Apologies to RandyAbraham)

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Oops, should have read your comment before I posted.

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