Discussion: Koch Brothers Group Leadership Calls Out Trump For 'Lack Of Leadership'

When Koch spends all his money to promote Democratic control of the government, then and ONLY then will I believe his words!


Next on Spankee’s insult list: Koch Brothers. Tweet storm incoming…


If Goopers needed any more proof that Spankee is sabotaging them, this is it. But they’ll still not do anything.


Well, the Kochs had their huge tax cut, the SC packed with pro-business ideologues, the EPA neutered, and Obamacare undermined and set to fail.

After they got all they wanted and more, now they start clutching their pearls about deficits and divisiveness…


Obama reached out a hand to you bastards, in a sincere effort to end the divisiveness. He really tried. So maybe you should burst into flames about now, you lying sons of bitches.


Fox 'N Friends or it never happened, Kochsuckers.

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Will the Koch Bros ever die?


And Bannon tells the Koch’s to STFU.

Indeed. The Kochs in 2016 gave million$ to elect GOP candidates around the country to better control state legislatures, their ALEC-based strategies, and immoral gerrymandering.


Probably not. They can afford the best monkey-gland injections and child-organ transplants.


From the department of bad analogies:

Koch bros. equal Godzilla and because of them/him we lie in ruins.

Along comes tRump in the form of Mothra, threatening to massively churn the rubble and make lives even worse.

Godzilla now challenges Mothra.

Today we must side with Godzilla.

Dog help us all.


Koch Brothers actual meaning: The dog is off the leash and we can’t control it and it keeps going to our Russian neighbors house for longer and longer stretches of time and we have no idea what he’s doing over there!


Who do you think is getting the organs harvested from the missing immigrant children?


FFS, be honest.**

‘Lack of leadership’=Doing exactly what we want

You built this. You own it.
**Wishful thinking.


They’ll live just long enough to watch their dreams crumble and their “libertarianism” get executed live as the world becomes a better place.

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Or better yet, be made to work in a Alzheimer’s unit, wiping asses of poor people. That’s my dream punishment for the WH crime family, among other “white-collar criminals,” aka psychopaths with money.


“We’ve caused divisiveness long before Trump became President, and we’ll cause it long after he’s no longer President” FIFY…


"Younger"brother, David, at 78, is in not great health these days. Charles seems to be doing okay. I’ll never understand people like them, however. With more money than God, they can’t just kick back, but have to keep on their grasping, inhuman course.


Charles Koch is such a trust fund brat.

He played this same game of optics (with the help of an extremely credulous press) in the summer of 2016 as well: expressing disdain for Trump, suggesting (with that dapper billionaire’s smile of his) that he could even support a (gasp) Democrat, but meanwhile, behind the scenes, working with his well-funded front organizations to draw up lists of Cabinet members, White House staffers, and nominees to the federal appellate bench, to be voted through by the Republican Senators he also happens to own—Koch men like Mitch McConnell, the man who blocked Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court on Koch’s behalf.

Koch runs the government. To the extent it is Republican, he owns a healthy chunk of all three branches of federal government (not to mention the governments of more than 30 of the states).

Among the members of the administration who belong to him: Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinke, Wilbur Ross, Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Don McGahn. There are many others. It was Koch’s tax plan that got rammed through Congress by Paul Ryan, et al (for which Koch sent a $500,000 “thank you” check to Ryan). It is his unhinged, blitzkrieg attack on environmental and workplace safety regulations that is bearing fruit.

His embarrassment at how badly everything is working is a typical rich boy’s embarrassment at learning the meaning of “unintended consequences” by throwing a lighted match on a pile of dry hay and then standing back and watching the barn burn down. He wants you to know it’s not his fault, and if it was up to him he’d buy completely OTHER people, even Democrats, and if it was up to him the barn wouldn’t have burned to ashes, the lighted match was Donnie’s idea, so there.


‘ho! ‘ho! ‘ho!
Even Koch Bros say,
“Spanky must Go!!!”