Discussion: Kobach Says People Who Are Canceling Voter Registration Might Not Be Citizens

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Yeah, or maybe there are some who forgot to “unregister” when they moved and are now worried about being caught out.

You know, like Steve Bannon ??!

Or, perhaps when Grandma died, nobody checked to see if it was cancelled.


That liar will say anything to throw millions of people off the voting rolls!



Telling speculation, sans facts. Scumbag.


God almighty…WHY is this ahole still given a forum? He almost (yeah almost) singlehandedly destroyed Kansas voting integrity, he is a known freakin’ LIAR, he’s a smarmy FK who disparages US citizens. NO MORE!


Imagine if they were all Republicans jumping off the voter ship?
Maybe then Kobach would care.


Where do Kobach and Parscale intersect?

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“It could be a political stunt – people who are trying to discredit the commission and withdrawing temporarily because they are politically active but planning to get back on the voter rolls before the election next November.”

Gee, ya think? Discrediting the commission is a form of patriotism right now.


Okay, a little complaint here. TPM appears to be getting distracted by too many shiny objects spinning in the wind and this appears to be a case in point: Kobach should not be the lede – everyone knows what a Jim Crow Republican is going to say about something like this – the story and the lede is government officials exposing their citizens to privacy violation and the reactions of those citizens including resistance.

Could be they don’t want their private information sent to Russia.


Or it could be that we don’t want some incompetents getting their hands on our private information just cause Whiny can’t admit he pulled the spectre of illegal voters out of his ass. Think it might be that?


…except that Kobach needs to be exposed unrelentingly, and anyone who doesn’t perceive how important that is is either naive or fibbing somehow.

I hope you are just being naive here.

Sorry, but these shiny objects matter at this level, we are all quite capable around here of holding more than one thought and engaging on multiple issues, and keeping Kobach’s feet to the fire is certainly one of the more important projects we can perpetuate…


Some people in Kansas voted for him and he won?

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Its probably WAY too late to prevent that, already…

This clown, Kobach, is just fucking crazy. Seems to be the Republican Party is just full of these crazy clowns.


That may only be half-right, we never did see the actual vote count… Brownback’s mystery win may have had nefarious coattail riders in that election, who also may not have actually WON he popular vote, and if so, certainly Kobach would top the list…

But we will never know, bewcause Kobach sealed those records off from any scrutiny.

By their fruits ye shall know them.


Yeah Kobah where is your birth certificate? The longform? lol

You know for a guy who has been the secretary of state of kansas, he sure seems to throw out heresay and rumors a bunch. I thought lawyers, and bureaucrats only dealt with facts, why muddy the water Kris?


I mean “Yeah Kobach”