Discussion: Kimmel Blasts Cassidy's Last-Ditch Push To Repeal O'Care: He 'Lied To My Face' (VIDEO)

[every video of people applauding… ever.]


Good for Kimmel.


In the presence of a supine Democratic party, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah are that stands between America and the Republican party that wants to visit hell on all of us.

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Cassidy is making the rounds this morning saying he didn’t lie… all while lying.


I know Hollywood celebrities lead a somewhat sheltered life, but frankly I’m astounded that at any point Kimmel thought a Republican was actually capable of not lying…


What exactly is it that you think the Democratic Party should be doing right now that it isn’t doing? And do be specific.

And the reason I’m asking is that it is precisely that “everything bad that Republicans do is actually the Democrats fault” shit that persuaded enough people to stay home to get Trump elected.


Well you’re just too “elitist” with that response, Steve.

I’m staying home or voting Jill Stein next time! That’ll show YOU!


I don’t know, how about telling the Republicans that if they pass this turd they will stall and delay tax cuts for the rich right past the 2018 election. How about organizing protests in the States of Senators who vote for this mess. How about coming out full throated for single payer and making Republicans think fixing Obamacare is a win.

Maybe stop listening to the fierce frightened moderate Democrats who are afraid to do anything to help the American people for fear of losing Wall Street funding.

It’s called “The Resistance”. Perhaps you’ve heard of them.


No matter how often you repeat this pernicious lie, it will still be a lie—and you’ll still be a liar for repeating it.


I understand Kimmel’s anger. It’s personal.

That said, his willingness to be suckered into believing such a ‘promise’ shows why the GOP lies so often.

It’s Kimmel’s intelligence I question. Cassidy’s just doing what his kind do.


I don’t. Very few people follow politics nearly as closely as we do. I’d wager that most Americans believe there are as many good and decent Republicans as there are Democrats. It doesn’t make them stupid, just really misinformed.


‘Hell hath no fury like a father scorned…’ all attributes to Bill Congreve…THANKS JIMMY!


I don’t think Kimmel was ‘suckered into’ anything. I think he just showed an example of a BIG FAT LIE. You may accept that’s normal for ‘his kind’ but I don’t think the average voter does.


what a piece of shit Bill Cassidy is


You flatter him unnecessarily.


Its kind of how I feel about Bill Maher when he gets his panties in a wad when one of his republican guests lies to his face, and then the next week he goes through the “I am angry and appalled” motions.

Followed by bringing the exact same guest on a month or so later and letting him lie to his face again.

See Rick Santorum’s appearances for a classic example of this behavior.


On Monday, Schumer pledged to use every parliamentary maneuver in his arsenal to delay or block Republican momentum on the bill.
‘‘This is so outrageous that we’re going to look at every possible way to slow this bill down, absolutely,’’ Schumer said.

So basically, even single one of your points is already being done. But yet, here you are whining, crying, and most of all sneering at the very people taking those steps.

Even better, STOP listening to the fainting couch whinings of the Unicorn brigade that can’t be bothered to get off their asses and actually do something helpful.


Oh, I think that’s different. Kimmel isn’t a political person really. I get the impression he might watch some HLN here and there or read the USA Today headlines, but I don’t think it gets much deeper than that.

Maher, on the other hand, has no excuse. I rarely watch his show, but when I do it never ceases to amaze me how naive and poorly informed he is sometimes.