Discussion: Kentucky Schools Close As Teachers Protest GOP-Passed Pension Overhaul

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Given that this is a state that’s given us Rand Paul, Schwinger Pruitt, and Mitch McConnell, it’s hard to imagine how closing all the schools will even be noticed


How have the legislators’ pensions been affected?

“would still get annual raises of 1.5 percent in their retirement checks.”

So that means they won’t even keep up with inflation. What were the conditions like before they were changed?


So the state would impose a 15% fee on investment returns in the pension fund? GTFO.

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This action was illegal and in violation of the state constitution. It will be overturned by the courts if signed into law.

Kentucky Revised Statute 6.350

Any bill that makes changes to the state pension systems shall not be reported from committee unless accompanied by an actuarial analysis.

Kentucky Constitution
Section 51 - Law may not relate to more than one subject, to be expressed in title – Amendments must be at length.

No law enacted by the General Assembly shall relate to more than one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title, and no law shall be revised, amended, or the provisions thereof extended or conferred by reference to its title only, but so much thereof as is revised, amended, extended or conferred, shall be reenacted and published at length.

Text as Ratified on: August 3, 1891, and revised September 28, 1891.
History: Not yet amended.


Further, the bill was not read in committee. It does not have an accompanying actuarial or financial impact document as required by law. It was not held for the required 24 hours before a vote (Out of committee and passed in 7 hours). No one was permitted to read the 291 page document before the vote. There was no debate or discussion.

This was the one of the worst acts of governmental malfeasance and corruption in Kentucky since Boptrot.


Yep, the GOP following their lead of the Donald John is really making America great again, aren’t they.

Genuinely corrupt in every way that makes a human decent and sentient.


Bravo to these Kentucky teachers who refuse to allow such malfeasance. It seems that Republicans have forgotten the basic notion that in order to have a functioning Democracy, you need to have the consent of the governed.

For all its faults, the truly wonderful thing about social media is that it shines a light on these midnight back-room deals that the GOP used to always get away with without comment. Well, now we all get to comment. Here’s hoping this November, we comment with the loudest voice of all.


It’s interesting that significant energy on the progressive side of the ledger is coming from schools - teachers wrt wages/benefits/unions and students wrt gun control. And both have significant support from the general public.

No wonder Republicans hate public schools.


That’s a high bar given that most acts of the Kentucky General Assembly can be described as either governmental malfeasance or corruption.

All ties in to the theory that the 1891 Constitution restricting the legislature to sixty days every two years was a typo and they actually meant to say two days every sixty years.


Kentucky teachers don’t pay into Social Security? We did in NYS, and I got my vested retirement at age 55 (not a large amount, but went right into a 10-year IRA). I also collect, because I paid into it, Social Security.


Because screwing teachers in WV was such a success.


It’s an AP story, so the headline is “Overhaul” instead “Massive Pension Cuts”.

Especially vicious is the bit for new teachers, who apparently have to agree to one of those “we may change the provisions of this agreement at any time” clauses.


It’s interesting that the state that’s run by a Democratic majority (CA), managed to get some pension reform done without labor freaking out–because it was done in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.


I’d be willing to bet that there is some minimum “management fee” in addition to the 15%.

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Would it be “Donald John” or, more properly, leading with his title, John Donald?

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But the GOP is the “workers party” now…erm…right?


In CA teachers pay into CALSTRS (CA State Teachers Retirement System), not SS. This works great unless you worked for both the CALSTRS system and the SS system. My sister worked for the Community College system in a non-teaching position for years and now has been a teacher for even longer. Before that she worked in non-teaching jobs and paid into SS. She can’t collect from both CALSTRS and SS even though she paid into both. :unamused:

I taught in a private school for years and paid into SS. I also worked in a public school for 1 year and paid into CALSTRS. At retirement, I cashed out from CALSTRS because the amount was so small, ~$2000. It doesn’t work if you have a bunch of money in there.

I teach in Kentucky. We don’t get funds taken out for Social Security, so unless you have your own 401k, this is all you have. My county is open and I am at work (don’t worry, I’m in my planning period). I’m not the protesting type, but I vote at every election, and I plan on exposing all those who tried to pass this bandaid in the surrptitious manner they did. #rememberinnovember


The Pension/Retirement vehicle is a scam set up by the ‘former’ Hedge Fund Manager/Governor Matt Bevin.

Check this out- Public Corruption in Four Easy Steps.