Discussion: Kelly: Fox Exec Told Trump Team It Would ‘Not Be Good’ For Him If She Was Killed (VIDEO)

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No sympathy from me. She had an obligation to report the story then, not now.


Kind of sounds like anything Cohen does is “fucking disgusting!”


Dear Kelly ; Fuck Off
What about the interview where you made nice with Donald after the feud. That damn videotape again.
You don’t fool us for one second
You like the rest of them it’s all about ego and amassing more money than you will ever use in this lifetime.
You’re no different than Donald and I for one am getting sick of your frigging "book tour " with your whiney puss showing up every time I turn on my teevee. Grifter supreme
Now run along and sell your books to the rubes


So this is either extremely serious and alarming behavior from close Trump associates …

Or …

This is a continuation and escalation of the “pro wrestling” style melodramatic feuds that we saw repeatedly over the last year.

And it could be both.

I simply don’t trust Kelly enough to take these accusations at her word. I certainly believe that Trump’s henchmen would make these threats and show no regard for Kelly’s safety.

But why is she only coming forward with this horrifying stuff now? And why would they single out her over a single tough question? Why did she give such a softball, humanizing interview after this treatment?

If Kelly allegedly got poisoned and repeatedly threatened by Trump’s goons over a tough debate question, what the hell did Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz have to deal with?

I just don’t know, something doesn’t smell right with these accusations.


Kelly said she declined to tell these stories before her book “Settle For More” came out because she “didn’t want to be the story.”

Thanks for the laugh! I need it, especially now.


I don’t normally receive death threats. But when I do, I keep them secret until my book has been released and a strong-armed psychopath has been elected leader of the free world.


Sounds like a lot of wailing and fury to merely sell her book. Snore!


Yeah, amazing isn’t it?

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Well in her defense I think she like everyone else thought he was going to lose.


And these guys are now going to be in the White House, employed by Trump.


That’s true. I think Trump’s win caught everyone off guard, and if we all knew before the election what we know now I think a lot of things might have been different. I actually have some shred of respect for Kelly for at least not being a typical Fox News robot and I hope she eventually ends up somewhere more respectable.


Actually, they may be selected by HO but we’re the ones who will be paying their salaries…

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Thing is - if this was actually going on it was very much the story.

It was an important story to be told - how far a candidate and his staff would go to intimidate and silence a member of the press.

Kelly is an ass - even more so for doing that softball interview with Trump under these circumstances.


I’m reminded of the story about the reporter who interviewed Reagan during the 1984 campaign and saw clear signs of dementia.
She refused to report the fact at the time.


sure, but we can check the Michael Cohen Twitter record on one detail.

Apparently it only makes sense to become part of the story when you can Maximally Monetize™ it. News biz has morphed into Reality TV more and more every day.


Mosey over to Electoral Vote website and check out the proposed Muslim internment camps and the upcoming abolition of net neutrality.

The American people decided to not read books, decided to watch FOX, decided to (on the Left) make Perfect the Enemy of the Good.

Fantastically, I still expect the half of the electorate that did not vote to not be aware of the conditions I just outlined.

Revolutions are not even fought by thoroughly subjected people. When Trump Takes Power (I am not going to grace that with the term “Inauguration”) he will consolidate his Power as quickly as possible.

Then all the Bernie-Hillary madness will continue among people with rapidly dwindling rights** who already lost when the Democrats split in two in the early moments of 2016.

** Oh…about whites. I question whether the upcoming abolition of net neutrality only applies to people with more melanin in their skin. Whites will suffer the same fate as the people they were determined to vote against.


If FOX was so worried the Trump campaign was a life and death threat to a a person, doesn’t matter if it was one of their employees or not, why did they continue to support him? If they thought Trump, who could have stopped this with a 10 word sentence, was allowing it why did they support him? Why does Ms. Kelly support FOX?


Donald Trump, the first Mafia president. Good job, white voters!