Discussion: Keith Olbermann Calls Out NCAA For Not Moving Final Four Out Of Indiana (VIDEO)

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Do It Now


Emmert will come up with all kinds of reasons why, even though the NCAA finds the law ‘deplorable,’ it will continue the tournament until the ‘student-athletes’ simply go out on the court and refuse to play. Once THAT happens, there will be some bluster from the legislature but the law will get repealed tout suite.

This thing is licensed discrimination, pure and simple. The legislature is not enraged because of ‘misinformation.’ It’s mad because it got pegged and it can’t unring a bell.


It’s a little late to move this year’s Final Four. But if the Indiana legislature doesn’t roll back the law before the end of the session, next year’s Women’s Final Four won’t be in the Hoosier State. Mark Emmert has implied as much.

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Damn, I miss Keith Olbermann’s tirades against whats wrong in the world. Pence would no doubt be “The Worst Person in the World”!


The Final Four is this weekend. You can’t move an event as large as the Final Four in one week. That’s completely unrealistic. Everyone going has already bought tickets, flights, hotel rooms, etc. How do you change all of those to a different state? How do you get all the venues booked and staff hired in a different state?

I am in favor of boycotting Indiana, but you can’t expect the impossible. Move future Final Fours out of Indianapolis - but it is too late for it to happen this year.


Seriously? Do you expect them to just wave a magic wand and it will happen?

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Olbermann nails it!!

It doesn’t take a magic wand, it takes some bravery and the ability and skill to make some quick arrangements to put it together. Statements and action go hand in hand. Do it!!

Yes, I do.

I do too, I love me some Keith Olberman! I haven’t seen anyone just go at injustice the way Keith does, he tells it like it is & has no qualms about it. MSNBC made a huge mistake by letting him go.

I’d love to see them move the event but recognize there is no way it’s gonna happen. The more future events/conventions/etc that start cancelling, the better.

I lived in Arizona back when the NFL moved the Super Bowl over AZ’s refusal to recognize the MLK holiday. Besides embarrassing the average guy on the street, that got the legislature to act. Of course, ultimately Teh Crazy took over in AZ politics, but that is a tale for a different time…

As more Hoosiers encounter, “oh, you’re from Indiana? I hear you hate gays…” they’ll start to wonder what the point of the law most of them never heard of before this weekend really was. While some will be embittered because they think their right to hate is being curtailed, plenty of others will want to avoid this type of stupidity in the future.

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Well, there goes another job for Keith Olbermann.
His contract specifically forbids him from discussing anything “political” on ESPN.

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Time to move the Final Four. The final four could be postponed until the arrangements are finalized.

I am sure that a site could be found in neighboring Illinois possibly Chicago and fans with non-refundable tickets could be bused. I suspect that most flights to Indianapolis route through Chicago anyway. It is time for the NCAA to take a stand and act immediately.

I concur.

Evelyn Ashford.

She is an outstanding athlete who had four years of training LOST because Jimmy Carter boycotted the Olympics. Of course it would be HARD to make different travel arrangements. But the consequences have to be looked at in perspective; as compared to, for example, an Olympic boycott.

Actually, its not. Where it is written that a basketball game HAS to be played next weekend? Is it chiseled into the Ten Commandments with an asterix?

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Thank you Keith Olbermann. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for your compassion. But above all, thank you for your outrage. For what Indiana has done is outrageous and someone needs to express that outrage.


The Final Four in Indiana is going to happen, so the best bang for the buck is to keep pounding on Pence and the right-wingnut legislature while the bright lights are on them. From now until game time, all the way through and for a long time afterwards.

Give them not a moments rest and keep them explaining how their intended discrimination against gays law is anything else. There is no clarification needed or that does anything productive, its repeal or complete overhaul. Pence and his followers are going to have to eat crow on this, there is no win to be had, they’ve already lost and that loss is growing by the hour.

A great big apology to the Gay community and all of America is the first step in healing.

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Flapping his jaws on something even he knows is logistically impossible for a multitude of reasons. Barkley was misquoted on this topic (he never said to move it this year), but Keith is talking silly. What you do is have all selection committees for such future events just blacklist Indiana. But to actually cancel one already in the works and only a week away is March Madness in and of itself. Like your politics Keith, but sometimes you just say stuff for ratings.

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I agree, the logistics of a last-minute change of venue would be overwhelming.

However, the upcoming event does help keep the focus on the ramifications of this ugly law, and illustrates how high the stakes are for Indiana if its lawmakers choose to double down.

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