Discussion: Kavanaugh Wanted Bill Clinton To Answer Graphic Sexual Questions

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And that picture looks just like someone who would relish all the prurient details.


Kavanaugh Wanted Bill Clinton To Answer Graphic Sexual Questions

Brett Kavanaugh, aka Chance the Gardener: “I like to listen.”


this is the kind of sleazy Guy conservative love to place in leadership positions. he can lead on their kind of positions. down and dirty


The questions are part of a memo in which Kavanaugh advised Ken Starr and others not to give the president “any break” during questioning.

Sounds like great advice for the Dems on the Judiciary Committee. Let’s return the favor.


It’s not just Kavanaugh. EVERYTHING the Republican Party has said and done over the past two decades, starting with the Clinton impeachment, has been perpetrated in BAD FAITH. They will stop at nothing to seize as much wealth, power, and impunity as they can get away with.


He’s a fucking prick. Look at his questions. He wasn’t interested in whether Clinton lied about sex (which we all have done). He just wanted to drag him though the details. What difference does it make where Clinton ejaculated or in what specific sex acts he participated? “It’s not about the sex it’s about the lying” was the lie these sanctimonious partisans were spewing. But all they wanted to hash over was the sex. They thought they had an angle to take down a POTUS and took it. It was one of the few times the American people were on to them and as soon as they saw it wasn’t going to yield the desired result, political gain, they fucking backed off in a hurry.

The defender of young woman, Ken Starr, later dismissed as Chancellor and President of Baylor for not giving a shit about rape tells you all you need to know about these punks. Kavanaugh will go on the Court and be an enemy to all things woman as soon as he takes a seat. He never gave a shit about Monica Lewinsky, which is the only time he was in tune with the American people. They didn’t give a shit either.


I bet he wanted his own copy of any transcript that resulted - for his own personal use.
Sanctimonious jerk - what about the antics of the creep who wants to put you on the court?


WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh suggested that attorneys preparing to question President Bill Clinton in 1998 seek graphic details about the president’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Poor man spent so much money on baseball tickets, he didn’t have any liquid cash for phone sex. Just poor budgeting…I’m so happy he found fulfillment in his job though, that’s really hard to come by for most folk.


But of course, asking Clarence Thomas such questions was a “high-tech lynching.” Let’s not get distracted, though, by the fact that this kind of hypocrisy is small potatoes, compared to the damage Kavanaugh will do to our individual rights.


I so wish this story would stay on the front pages … but of course it will be gone by the end of the day, thanks to the moron. As far as I can see, the red state Democrats have absolutely NO reason to vote for this guy. None.


“Kavanaugh suggested that attorneys preparing to question President Bill Clinton in 1998 seek graphic details about the president’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.”

I suggest that Senate Dems preparing to question Kavanaugh drag him through every single detail of that.

Slowly. Methodically. Painfully.

Detail of perverted Kavanaugh projection by detail of perverted Kavanaugh projection.

Under oath.


On national television.


This is what a real “witch hunter” looks like.


As does the methodical taking of security clearances …


So what? I’m still waiting for Clinton to do a book reading of Slick Willy’s Sweeeeet Payback, my impeachment fan fiction where Bill strips naked on the floor of the Senate pleading for forgiveness while acting out all of his original sins on his Republican accusers, which eventually ends in a bipartisan orgy of epic proportions.

I mean, who DOESN’T want to hear a little locker room talk from the Big Dog himself?

No one asked Thomas where he ejaculated and the allegations brought against him were by a woman that tried to resist him. Monica knew damn well what she was up to and laid it down by the ABC’s. Why was she in a bar with a wingnut like Tripp if it wan’t in the plan? She made a million bucks off a book deal and now cries about her life being ruined. Then why did she keep the “blue dress” unwashed? Why the details about cigars and sinks? Why not just say “what are you talking about”. I’m sure Bill would have been OK with that.


The Dems could get some pointers from Alexander Portnoy on how to frame questions involving perverse behavior. Mention the liver.


I find Kavanaugh himself to be sick.


Meet the newest justice of the US Supreme Court. For the next 30 years I hope everyone who meets him snickers at him