Discussion: Kaine And Clinton Paint Themselves As Polar Opposites Of Trump-Pence


They look like a happily married couple in the photo.

Works for me…


Check this out:
GOP official in Illinois resigns over Trump. It’s a very well-written letter.

goplifer resignation letter

Edited to add:
Credit where credit is due. I learned about the letter from James Fallows’ post here, and I learned about James Fallows from @mattinpa. All great things.


Kaine BTE. Thanks for the reminder about Trump’s tax returns and question about why he refuses to release them: they’ll show he hasn’t paid his fair share.


He hit it out of the park with that speech. What a contrast with the Pence roll out


It will be refreshing to hear someone talk about real issues rather than about Trump


Polar opposites… Yes, as in insane vs. sane, NRA- "A"rating vs. “F” one


Before today I hadn’t heard him speak except for that odd eyebrow-twitch response to one of W’s state of the union speeches back in 07 or 8. He’s pretty damn good in front of the crowd. Needs to work on the call and response a bit. Love his background. Comes off as a nice, smart, slightly nerdy regular guy. I’ll take it.


This guy was a wonderful Governor as well. Can’t wait to vote for President Kaine in 2024, but I’m thrilled to vote for him as veep now. Making the mother of Presidents very proud.


I have to say the thing I most respect about Tim Kaine is that even though he is personally “pro-life”; he recognizes that SCOTUS has ruled on Roe vs. Wade, and supports that “Pro-choice” ruling. Separation of church and state anyone?


It was a good introduction to most of the nation who had no clue who Kaine was. The Bernie or Bust people who are whining he isn’t “progressive” enough should realize they are not representative of the country and compromises have to be made to get elected and to govern.


Yes. This is an excellently well written indictment of GOP complicity in nurturing a cancer in its body politic. Thank you, mojo panda


Very well written eloquent letter.
Thank you for sharing, in doing so, giving us a glimpse and voice of those on the other side who are as appalled and worried as we are.


And it’s for those people that Clinton chose Kaine. This pick is looking better all the time.


I sure hope all the hand wringers and pearl clutchers are feeling better now Kaine is the real deal. Genuine and humble and what a resume,


"“En este país somos Americanos todos,” he said to cheers from the audience. (“In this country, we’re all Americans.”)

This is going to be really,really interesting to see.The superior intellect of Clinton and Kaine against the Bombast of Trump and Silence of Pence. To qoute my Senator from New Jersey, Corey Booker "Kaine is able ".


Regardless of your political persuasion, if you have any perception at all you can’t help but see the stark differences between the GOP and Democratic candidates. Where Hillary exudes competence, Trump spouts braggadocio. Where Hillary propounds solutions, Trump brays about his wealth and smarts. Where Hillary points to her experience on governance, Trump brags about his wife’s and children’s looks. There is no contest for anyone not consumed by hate and fear.


This letter was in my local newspaper SF Chronicle. A life long republican is rejecting trump and his party. If there are not millions more of republicans who don’t feel this way, I’d be surprised. I didn’t include his name. He lives in the suburb of Benicia.

As a lifelong Republican, I feel like the past eight years have been a slow-motion train wreck from which the party cannot recover.

Rather than work toward solutions to the nation’s and world’s problems, the Republican Party dedicated its efforts to demean and vilify the great American success story of President Obama.

Now comes the thinly veiled con man, offering platitudes underwritten in the vernacular of old white men, wrapped in the flag that so many young men, women, people of color, immigrants and natives put their life on the line to create and preserve. Now is not the time to vote the party line. It is the time to reflect and realize that the two-party system has failed and we must start anew.



Read some of the comments for that article couldn’t read all 500 + but the few I read were quite interesting.


He hit that ball so far out of the park it’s still in the air.

Just finished watching on Youtube. After watching that, I can clearly see why he was picked. I would have picked him too. He is fantastic on the stump and has impeccable creds, life of public service, a big list …he’s the whole package and then some on so many levels I’m still counting them.

I think he can appeal to disappointed Bernie people too if they’ll give him a chance.