Discussion: Judge Orders FBI Agent Who Conducted Manafort Search To Attend Hearing

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Maybe Paul isn’t so sure of a presidential pardon.


I’m not a criminal lawyer, but I believe that having the officer who attests to the probable cause for a warrant at the suppression hearing is standard operating procedure.


If “apparent authority” is the test, as Mueller says it is, this will just help nail down the record on consent to the initial search.

Nail down. I like the sound of that.


The desperation is so thick, you can feel it.

Three hots and a cot at Club Fed aptly summarizes your retirement future, Paulie…


This thing will most likely be appealed if Manafort is convicted. The judge is just making sure that that is not going anywhere.


Crossed "T"s and dotted "I"s.


There’s something I don’t get. Many of the Trumpleristas are giddy with delight at the prospect of IG Horowitz’ report that’s being released next month and from their tweets and comments appear certain that Mueller will be discredited and Comey and HRC arrested and jailed owing to the repurcussion of the report.

Of course, this is all bullshit, but what is causing these folks to cleave to this ridiculous nonsense? Is is something Alex Jones has told them? I’m flummoxed. I though the IG report was to give the results of the investigation into leaks by certain FBI agents to Rudy et al.

Can anyone enlighten me?


Drowning man grasps at straws. Continues drowning.


This sure sounds like some sleazy lawyer’s trick to keep some guilty scumbag out of prison. Damn ACLU!


Manafort: The dunce that’s launched a thousand ships…all of them sunk before leaving dry dock.


If I ever get to understanding the conservative mind, I’ll commit myself. But I think it has something to do with Horowitz slapping McCabe on the wrist. And McCabe worked for Comey while his wife took contributions from McAuliffe, a Clinton associate…So if you shake and stir that together and look at it side-eyed…nope…still not seeing it.

I try not to spend a lot of time on inanities, Trump unfortunately excepted.


How I wish I knew who to attribute this Shrubya-worthy gem to. But I don’t so I’ll just say it:

It sounds like “he’s gasping for straws.”


Thanks. Which reminds me that Horowitz didn’t make a specific recommendation that McCabe be fired, Sessions took this action on his own. Similarly, Rosenstein never made a specfic recommendation that Comey be fired, he just rebuked Comey. All of this firing is on Sessions!


He’s definitely sure about his guilt.


I thought Horowitz was releasing his report on the investigation of Clinton email probe. From my time spent at Faux News etc., I think what’s going on is that they are absolutely convinced the findings will be that the entire probe into her emails was crooked, biased, rigged and illegally conducted and that they get a do-over with people they’ve hand-picked to make pre-determined findings. “We’ll get her this time because it was all so obvious and that stupid n-bomb isn’t in control any more muahahahahaha!!!”

Faux News and the others have spent inordinate amounts of time carefully and deliberately weaving a conspiracy out of the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting, texts between Strzok and Page, McCabe’s wife and his choice to leak to the press, “Deep State” fantasies, Comey beginning early drafts of his memo prior to interviewing Clinton, Comey’s ultimate betrayal of the Orange Messiah, Obama being a black foreigner posing as POTUS and using his magical Muslim eyebeams to hypnotize every person in his administration into trying to make sure Hillary gets exonerated so she can win the election, etc.etc. etc. The depth, breadth and sheer scope of their tinfoil hatted historical rewrite is really quite breathtaking…and its everything their target audience ever wanted to hear. But to answer your question more succinctly:

The opening paragraphs before the “Contents” chart really provide a chillingly accurate description of the Faux News target audience. Methbilly Nation is driven by confirmation bias and a plague-level epidemic of Dunning-Kruger syndrome.


Every time they try one of these challenges more evidence of Manafort’s guilt gets revealed.

So, please proceed, traitor.


A tour de force!

(I speak…French!)


So Manafort’s story is that the employee was no longer employed, but still had keys and access to what should have been a secure facility? You don’t pick up keys when a person leaves or is fired?
And then the agent was supposed to know that the person who seemed to have the authority to let him in the storage room actually was not employed at all?
It seems to me that Manafort’s security was about the same quality as Trump’s defense attorneys strategy.


Coming next: Manafort challenges prosecution’s right to use evidence obtained due to him not knowing how to convert a PDF file to Word.