Discussion: Johnson: Trump's 'Rigged' Talk Made It Hard To Address Election Interference


Shorter Johnson
Trump knew who was doing the rigging - He had first hand experience


Yeah, only the FBI is allowed to step in and rig elections!


Apparently, Mr. Johnson did not have a back channel link to Moscow at the Russian Embassy.

Poor planning on his part. Sad!


Why do you think he did it? I knew when he started that near the end of the campaign what exactly he was doing = poisoning the well so that nobody would claim it was rigged from the other side.

I knew it.

He projects perfectly. You want to know what happened? Well for one thing he obviously got 3 million illegal votes.


Johnson: Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Talk Made It Hard To Address Election Interference

I think that was the whole point…if one were to look at the effort by that Bozo to keep anyone from realizing ahead of time there were obvious plans already in the works by the Russians…Warnings went unheeded, and he was able to claim it was all a ruse whether he won or lost. To this day, he still can’t bring himself to say they interfered in our election. The man is an idiot, a manipulative, fucking idiot.


“One of the candidates, as you’ll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way.”

“No rigging! No rigging! You’re the rigging!”


Frigging in the rigging?


Sing along!


But unless I’m mistaken, Trump did not start the whole ‘rigged’ meme, that was someone else.

Our review of public statements suggests Trump borrowed the word from Sanders, who regularly has used the term “rigged” to describe the government systems that institutionalize income inequality. That has been a Sanders theme since day one of his campaign — long before Trump made the word a regular staple of his stump speeches.
In fact, populist politicians have been using the term “rigged” for decades to describe various government or political systems – despite Trump’s claim that a couple “political pros” told him that he was a trailblazer in using the word “rigged.”


That’s beside the point.

He ran with it in a big way and talked about it nonstop.


many would criticize us

Really? The Obama administration?!?! All the man faced in his relatively successful run was obstruction and criticism so a fresh load hardly seems a valid reason.
As with 911, market crashes and this Russian attack, I think it’s more a matter of rigid bureaucracies encountering the “unprecedented”.
Even if Mr. Obama had wanted to declare Martial Law and delay the election until the Russian penetration could be examined, frozen, by his declaration, the only real solution at the time in the summer of 2016, would the bureaucracies have meekly gone along?

Just establishing context here. The meme was divisive and demagogic from the git-go and entranced a whole lot of voters.


“I think the larger issue is it did not get the public attention that it should have, frankly, because the same day the press was focused on the release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ video,” he said. “That’s what made our news below the fold news that day.”

Sounds legit. When a headline contains the phrase "Pussy Grabbing" there isn't much to compete with it. Maybe "Nuclear War!!", but other than that, not much.
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Hee hee hee!


With a whiff of foreknowledge…


Perhaps. Consider this - this has bothered me from the time it happened. Somehow the press and our side got off on the wholly irrelevant question of whether he would accept the election results. That was dumb as shit and i knew it because the media, the Democrats and the President all started vouching for the election before it had happened and we kept it up til it was over.

That’s the position they put us in and I knew it was fucked up at the time - who cares what he said about “accepting the results” so far as I can determine, nobody has ever had any choice in that - they can fight it in the courts but that’s about it.

Why we let them lead us down that primrose path was utterly clear to me at the time and I knew we were fashioning our own goddamn noose.


Or did Dark Money grease certain key wheels at key times as determined say by maybe an eccentric billionaire-designed algorithm?


Perhaps the Historians will sort it out eventually.

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Well yeah. :wink:

There had to have been other things at play that we didn’t really know at the time.