Discussion: Jindal: Hollywood And Corporate America Are 'Assaulting' Christians (VIDEO)

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I hope this nut job is the keynote speaker at the Republican Convention. He might even out-do Pat Buchannan.


Bollywood elites?


Poor, subjugated christians are attacked from all sides with no recourse except whining.

(rolls eyes)


Deservedly so.

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It appears Booby Jindal hates the free market.


MayBE it IS tiME fOR CHristiANS to esTABLISh theIR own HOMEland, FREe of aNti-christianism and the HOLLYwooD elite/corporate POGROMs!11!!!11!!one!!1!!!

AbOVE the 49th Parallel, THERE is a LAND wiTHOUT a PEOPle FOR peoPLE needing laND. The SO-caLLEd “canaDIAns”, a GROUP of PEOPle wHO are EthnicaLLY European, aRE NOt rooted TO THe land the SAME waY As US CHrisitians, WHO hold BIBLical CLAIMS on the land…


“We saw an alliance between Hollywood elites and corporate America assaulting the rights of Christians.” However, before Jindal could go on to state that “and we all know what religion those Hollywood elites belong to”, he was reminded that his party’s leader, Bibi Netanyahu, might take offense.



verb pan·der \ˈpan-dər\

: to do or provide what someone wants or demands even though it is not proper, good, or reasonable


noun pi-yoosh

One who kisses the asses of the people least likely to support him.

An idiot.


Freedom = right to oppress. Nice religion ya’ got there fellas!


If that’s so, Bobbi, why don’t you and the other Republicans respond by raising taxes on corporations! That’ll show them! Punish those ugly corporate entities by raising taxes on them, closing loopholes, and revoking their subsidies!


Also, Marxists are assaulting corporate America.


One day some one is going to explain how wanting to live life on ones own terms without bothering any body else is an “assault”. After all, how many gay men or lesbian women have you seen trying to convert people to their way of life?


18 long months of listening to Jindal trying to out-pander his opposition. Geez…


Ugh, how many more months of this GOP crapola?

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I think I watched ‘Hayseeds Vs The Corporate Homos’ when it was titled ‘Someone Left a Hate Cake In The Rain’…spoiler alert: cheesy, same old yadda yadda.
Jindal Park is melting with the snark…


How on Earth does this man breathe when he is asleep? I don’t think anything this dumb should have thumbs.


The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said religious believers should be wary of complaining about their treatment in the Western world, with those claiming they are “persecuted” making him “very uneasy”.

He added the level of “not being taken very seriously” or “being made fun of” in Britain and the United States is not comparable to the “murderous hostility” faced by others in different parts of the world. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, he urged those who complain of ill-treatment for their beliefs in Britain to “grow up”. Lord Williams, who stood down from his role as Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of 2012 and is now Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, said his perspective had been drawn from meeting believers from all faiths suffering around the world. “When you have any contact with real persecuted minorities you learn to use the word persecuted very chastely,” he said. Persecution is not being made to feel mildly uncomfortable. "I am always very uneasy when people sometimes in this country or the United States talk about persecution of Christians or rather believers. But don’t confuse it with the systematic brutality and often murderous hostility which means that every morning you get up wondering if you and your children are going to make it through the day. “That is different, it’s real. It’s not quite what we’re facing in Western society.”


If we heathens are going to be constantly harangued for assaulting and insulting Christians we might as well embrace our evilness. Maybe it’s time for a few public Bible burnings, just to revel in all the resulting apoplexy. Yes, I’m guilty as charged, now throw a few more tomes in the fire!!!

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Oh oh! Do I detect a rift emerging between the Christianists and corporate America? It’s kinda been simmering for a while now…

Poor widdle Christo-fascist victims being picked on by that big bad free market?? Awwwww. Ask mommy for a kiss and it’ll make it all better…