Discussion: Jeb Bush Distances Himself A Bit More From Adviser James Baker

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“Queens Republican Party chairman Bob Turner told CNN that Bush was just trying to emphasize that some aspects of foreign policy are different than 25 years ago.
“The point he was making is that some of the complexities of the modern world are different from the mindset they were dealing with 25 years ago,” Turner said.”

Allow me to translate: “Baker is just a sad, bumbling old man whose mind is no longer sharp enough to deal with all those complicated parts of the modern world. Poor guy struggles to use his AOL email!”

The balls on these people.


Unlike his brother, Jeb Bush was a signatory to the “Statement of Principles” of the Project for a New American Century. Jeb’s head is so far up the neocon monster’s ass he can see it’s teeth. James Baker, who recognized that Israel isn’t the boss of America and that there are problems in this world that cannot be solved by military force, resides somewhere between Satan and Obama in neocon dead-ender demonology, and Jebbie has never left their fold.

But, of course, our ever-vigilent MSM will never, ever, ever in a million years, acknowledge the existence of PNAC, the fact that it basically wrote the foreign policy of the last Bush Administration, the continuing influence of the band of tough-talking chicken hawk war criminals associated with it over the foreign policy teams of Republican candidates, including Jeb, or the fact that not a single person associated with it has ever acknowledge being wrong about anything.


It’s no surprise that Jebya keeps tacking to the right - he is running in the rethug primary. Baker’s foreign policy had many elements of reality attached. The rethug primary voters want nothing to do with reality,


Steve, I thought satan and Obama were the same?


The right has (really this time) lost their fucking minds.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) further distanced himself from foreign policy adviser James Baker on Thursday during a closed-door meeting hosted by the Manhattan Republican Party.

The Manhattan Republican Party? Where do they hold their meetings, in a phone booth?


It is the Unholy Duology.

Jebbie is most assuredly “his own man”----because only 19 of the 21 foreign policy advisors to his campaign worked for his father and/or brother.


It’ll be up to some PACs to put that information out there with ads. Rand Paul mighta done that in the primaries but it never worked for his dad. He got laughed at in the debates when he tried it.

but he’s listening to the ones who worked for his brother

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Jebbers cannot run, and he cannot hide from the Bush legacy of incompetence and failure. But it may be fun to watch him try.


I’m thinking in the closet.


The incredibly inept never-was Paul Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz’ comical sidekick, Dougie Dumbest Fucking Guy On The Planet Feith.

The guy sitting between Libby and Rove as they outed Valerie Plame Wilson, Secretary to the Neocons Steven Hadley.

The creepiest neocon ever, the indicted and pardoned Elliot Abrams, and his puppet master, the oily John Poindexter.

The wildly corrupt Porter Goss.

Former NSA head ex-general Michael Hayden.

The fixer, the guy whose main job was to keep all the above and other Bushies out of jail, former US AG Michael Mukasey.

Those are certainly GW Bush subluminaries. And now, they are Jebya’s foreign policy advisors.

So, what’s the difference between Dubay and Jebya? Cheney’s probably not going to be able to live in the Veep’s official residence, which is fine, because then it’ll be less likely that as many will notice Scooter Libby following 2 steps behind.



and of all the former bush advisors, jeb mocks and distances himself from one of the most respected and sane ones… go figure.
he really is a ruthless pos …


Wait a minute, I thought the two men who hosted Cruz for a fund raiser in Manhattan earlier this week were out? You mean there’s more than two Republicans in Manhattan?!

When James Baker is considered too rational and liberal on foreign policy, then a large chunck of this country has lost their fucking minds.


“Bush then said he planned to bring in more foreign policy advisers who from hail from a different generation than Shultz or Baker.”

Might be kinda difficult to find any potential advisors that have personally slit the throats of a few Palestinians. Maybe Monster.com offers that as a search parameter.

Obama is way worse than Satan. Satan only wants your immortal soul. Obama wants to take your money and give it to the poors and wants to use nuclear weapons on Israel and impose a Caliphate on America.


He’ll probably be reincarnated as a fluffer for Sean Hannity. Even Satan crosses the street for one of those guys.


His father is over 85, too. I guess Jeb would ignore the counsel and advise of George H as much as W did? You are going to rely on others of you own generation like Cheney instead?

Time to quit putting your foot in mouth, youngster. How old are you, Jeb? 62? That makes you healthy, wealthy and wise? Make that very wealthy and wiseguy. It’s not really healthy to make fun of your elders when they make up most of your party’s base.