Discussion: Iowa County Dems Posted Message Calling Reagan 'White Supremacist'

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They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.
Boo F’n Hoo.


One president launched their campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. The other didn’t.


Don’t forget raygun ran on his “welfare queen” slogan…just whom do you think he was bad mouthing?


It’s true…raygun tripled the deficit, while obama has cut it in half…but you won’t see any con speaking about that, will we?

They will only spew about the ‘democrat’ party has the nerve to disparage their king…even though raygun was a borrow and spend war monger. Whom hated the poor, the black, the disabled, women, etc., etc., etc. Just like the cons do now.


Never understood why even some Dems seem to admire Rayguns. You can pretty much draw a line at the beginning of his presidency and watch the demise of the middle class start there.

One of the greatest Presidents we ever had?
If you’re a feakin’ millionaire maybe.


Just because the made-up mythical Saint Ronny was against apartheid, doesn’t mean we should forgive or forget that Lee “Southern Strategy” Atwater’s puppet ‘the real’ Ronald Reagan wasn’t.


I’m no fan of Reagan’s, but the poster was far more effective sticking to the facts about the deficit and avoiding editorial comments. When the facts are on your side, why embellish them?


[quote] “offensive and extremely disrespectful to the Reagan family,” [/quote] If Ronald is personally offended, let him come out and say so. Therwise, stfu.


Someone should teach that GOP chairman what “offensive and extremely disrespectful to the Reagan family” would really look like.


A discussion of what white supremacy actually is, beyond white hoods and crosses, the way someone like Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses it, would make Republicans profoundly uncomfortable.



Don’t forget, the first major gun control laws in the US in the past 60 years was pushed for and signed into law by then Gov. Reagan, because black people were openly carrying firearms. He also kicked off his 1980 campaign for POTUS in a Mississippi town that was the site of the murder of of civil rights workers, and there he was extolling “states rights”.


“If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so.” – Ronald Reagan

“[Food stamps helped] some strapping young buck ahead of you to buy a T-bone steak [while] you were waiting in line to buy hamburger.” – Ronald Reagan

It’s his own words that are “offensive and extremely disrespectful to the Reagan family.”


Oh, the Tea People will bitch and moan as tho they love the guy, but Reagan couldn’t get elected dog catcher by Republicans now.

The Brady Bill? Try that in 2014.


To be fair, the GOP is right on this one. The Repubs have a patent pending on intemperate racially incendiary language and the Dems have no business trying to copy them.


You sir, are a teller of truths

we have a winner!


Won’t see any cons talking about how Reagan couldn’t get elected in the modern Republican party either.


WHEN REAGEN TOOK OFFICE THE NATIONAL DEBT WAS 700 BILLION WHEN HE LEFT IT WAS 3 TRILLION,DOUBLE DIDGET UNEMPLOYMENT MARKS HIS TWO TERMS We’re all tired of being told endless lies about how ‘great’ Ronald Reagan was, when he armed our future enemies, ran up the biggest federal deficits in history, and made the rich a lot richer, and all at the expense of working class America. But former CIA boss George HW Bush was really running the show, and thirty years of Bush / Reaganomics has left America in ruins
Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan ‘In 1982, Ronald Reagan dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban] in Afghanistan.’
In 1983 Reagan along with Col Oliver North ,ARMED, FINANCED and TRAINED WHAT IS NOW KNOWN AS THE TALIBAN. YES this does include OSAMA BIN LADEN

1983, when Reagan and the CIA were dancing around the idea of arming Mujahadin fighters in order to fight back against Soviet incursion in Afghanistan. The result was a well-armed, well-trained group of jihadis who resisted (some say defeated) the onslaught of superior Soviet weaponry.
Once the Soviets retreated, the U.S. lost interest and pulled the funding. Osama bin Laden took interest, and filled the vacuum, later fathering the Taliban.


Reagan’s first move after securing the 1980 nomination was to go to Philadelphia, MS to declare his allegiance to “state’s rights”.

Given the context, including the location, this was an overt appeal to white supremacists and segregationists and racists. I submit there is no reasonable interpretation of that visit that does not include the conclusion he was signalling a white supremacist agenda. It is not all he did as a candidate or as president, but it is exceptionally revealing.

Candidates who appeal for support from white supremacists and “state’s rights” in the Old Confederacy cannot claim, nor should their misty-eyed cult members claim, that he is not a white supremacist.


This is like Tea Patriots calling Obama the “N word”. So we’re even.

-Tuffy the Clown

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