Discussion: Ingraham Denies Saying Anything Racist In Her Televised Racist Segment

I think this is an example of what folks call the FOX bubble. She lives in it and I guess like a duck that thinks everyone has webbed feet thinks the rest of us are bubble brained. There’s no interpretation of her words that aren’t racist and white nationalist. besides her audience sure as shit doesn’t want to listen to how great diversity and inclusiveness is. I think this statement is worse than the first. Her initial statement was repulsive but it was honestly her. This second is a self serving lie that insults all the folks she didn’t in her first remark.

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You are on to one of the biggest contributors to American political decay. Rupert Murdoch. When they write the history of America’s fall he’ll be all over chapter one.

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Yes, I thought so, but I was attempting to drill deeper.

“The purpose of last night’s angle was to point out the rule of law…”

The rule of law? You mean like:

  • Laws that forbid racial and religious discrimination?
  • Laws that guarantee a woman’s right to choose?
  • Laws that make hacking emails illegal?
  • Laws that bar Russian political contributions?
  • Laws that ban emoluments to a President and his family?
  • Laws that require Americans acting as foreign agents to register?
  • Laws that prohibit hiding income offshore or cheating on taxes?

Funny how Laura thinks some laws are more equal than others.


I had this conversation with a friend the other day… no one thinks they’re racist. That lack of self-awareness runs deep…

“I’m not a racist; I just don’t think people of different ethnicities should be allowed to marry!”

Or my favorite recent example, Roseanne Barr: “I’m not a racist, but now that people are calling me that, I’m afraid of what all these Brown People are going to do to me…”

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Wish Trump put a tariff on peroxide.

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So she sounds the trumpet for racism and then doesn’t like it when the racists show up to clap for her. Sure thing, Laura.


She obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “demographics” … probably can’t define “stoopid” either.

It is a well-known fact that racists can’t hear their own racism. They really believe that if they haven’t used the n-word then they haven’t said anything racist.

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O/T, but not really. This is the America that Ingraham knows and loves and that is being taken away from her.


** cough **
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Well of course Ingraham didn’t say anything “explicitly” racist. The racism is implicit in her statements and ultrasonic frequencies in which all racist dog whistles are emitted.

Being a racist means never having to have the courage of your conviction and actually ADMIT your prejudices.

And in Ingraham’s defense, by dating Dinesh-dipshit-wussie-D’Souza she “pretends” to have let a brown person f**k her or eat her out. Therefore, she can’t be a racist.

In Wednesday night’s segment, Ingraham made explicitly clear that her commentary had everything to do with race or ethnicity, saying “massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people and they are changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like.”

She made equally clear that immigration (both legal and illegal) is the cause of these changes that have destroyed the America “we know and love.

“Much of this is related to both illegal and, in some cases, legal immigration that, of course, progressives love,” she said of America’s changing demographics.

Let’s see … what people could immigrate to the United States and change the demographics and destroy the America we know and love?

English? No.
Irish? No.
German? No
Scottish? No.
Australian? No.
Norwegian? No.

Damn. I just cannot figure it out.

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I miss Molly. She never missed a beat or a chance to hold up the mirror to our collective absurdity.

‘Where have all the flowers gone?’

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Must be interesting deciding where to dine out for this one. Limited options unless she likes snot souffle.

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I pretty sure the “massive demographic change” she was complaining about is age.

Immigration is making the population younger – and none of us voted for that.

See? All better.

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Ingraham Denies Saying Anything Racist In Her Televised Racist Segment

Why not? Gaslighting works for Don the Con. First deny what was recorded:

Trump denies he criticized British prime minister after criticizing her
Trump ended up denying that he criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May, the day after a British tabloid published an interview with him in which he did just that.

If that does not work attempt to erase the historical record by throwing it down the Memory Hole:

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