Discussion: Indiana Pizza Shop Still Raking In Money, Over $840K

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Almost 100% anonymous donors, especially the largest ones. It’s mostly trolling cash IMO. They’ll be lucky to see 10% of it.


Why would anyone want pizza catered for their wedding? Is there such a thing as gay “red necks” or “bikers”. Do they allow 16 year old to get married in Indiana, “who hoo lets have a kegger and pizza while we tie the knot.”


I’d like to know who’s got control of that money. Are the checks clearing? Or is it fraud. The donation page is thru the Blaze and that means Glenn Beck has his fingers in there somewhere.
And no gay or lesbian person I know would cater their wedding with pizza.


The newest right wing christian market is in hate and fear. It sells well, as we see here. Mike Huckabee has perfected it and now small businesses can get it on it. Take this one…a pizza owner who has never and likely never will be asked to cater a wedding. Make sure you get media attention over your beliefs and make sure people know how " righteous" you are. You know the left will react, some of it very appropriate and some of it over the top. then the victimization and martyrdom start. It will be repeated numerous times as a business tactic. What these folks can not do is explain anywhere where they see an example of jesus refusing to serve…anybody. So a phony religious belief…and don’t kid yourself…none of this outrage comes from the real Jesus. …a phony belief makes someone close to a million dollars…as the " righteous" laugh all the way to the bank.


Hillbilly Bigotry, the next gold rush.

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I’m not sure Indiana is a suitable place any longer for a 500-mile automobile race over the Memorial Day weekend. Their facility is a little antiquated and dangerous. With all the TV money involved, a faster, safer, more television and spectator friendly track could be built in another state.

The Brick Yard could be used for Sunday school picnics and go-cart races.

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Newest? Honey they’ve been marketing hate and fear since before Constantine.


Prejudice pays.

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If the owners of this pizzeria were really as Christian as they say they would donate most of that money to charity. “'For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.”


Conservatives, nice job of proving Karl Marx inarguably correct in his critique of American capitalism.


The grift goes on…
And the grift goes on…
La dee da dee dee, la dee da dee daaaaaaa…


Holy Crapppppppp!!! The grifters are probably ejaculating involuntarily!! Can you imagine what this insane windfall will do to motivate copycat victims!!! All this faux persecution is hilariously ironic. The pizza-martyrs are now collecting huge green and will probably soon be the subjects of a movie just like BillO’s Jesus flick. Folks, this is one crazy world and the religious freaks who want to make everyone be christianists are just now tasting how to truly game the system. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.

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I guess “Raking in the dough” was out of the question here.

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heck, a little more money and you could retire, then serve pizza to no one anymore!!

This kerfuffle has little to do with the long-standing problems of Indiana and its political caste. As I understand it, a tv station sought out the woman for comments by going to a pizzeria that featured crosses and scripture on the walls, another news aggregator picked up the ball (and a third may do a story about how most of the money never materialized). The “news” and the “response” have all been manufactured on a weird hypothetical about catering pizza to a same-sex wedding reception. The deeper story continues to be basic sexual confusion promulgated by some religious groups. As Mircea Eliade pointed out, a religion’s power comes from its ability to control and regulate access to the “technologies of ecstasy.” Sex, however brief or incompetently executed, used to be quite important in this respect, which is why some religions that don’t offer much else feel so threatened. People are just hooking up. My sense was that these “religious freedom restoration acts” provided some comfort to organized religions and cults that have seen their chief selling point undermined. What is strangest is that underlying these unconstitutional urges is the idea that, through discrimination, those engaging in non-regulated sexual behavior will somehow feel compelled to enter back into the fold and cede the keys to ecstasy back to some religious organization. That’s not how technology works.

Anyone from the GOP could have told you that bigotry is an A-1 money raiser.

Apparently bigotry pays.

I truly don’t believe these numbers, but anyway …

That’s $28 a pop. Imagine if these “nyah-nyah’ers” sent that to WWP or TAPS for our Veterans, instead. I guess they don’t need tax deductions and really care about those who served.

I’ll write it anyway: What this boils down to now - in one way - is a political pissing contest. I am totally on the side of the LGBT community and all those who screamed foul when von pence started the nonsense.

Rookie jitters.

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Poor people. Poor people get married too and pizza is an option for them along with fried chicken.

In fact my youngest son served pizza at his wedding reception .