Discussion: In Sudden About Face, Trump Admits Obama Was Born In US

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The press is angry and they will not be easily appeased. Let the bloodletting begin.

Trump is going to have to explain the basis on which he, all of a sudden, thinks Obama is American when he’s been arguing the opposite for years. He could say he’s a bully, a coward, and an opportunist - all true statements - but I suspect he won’t.


Trump is furious that someone forced him to admit the truth about Obama’s birth. I don’t recall him EVER admitting he’s wrong before, even in such a rude way. He snapped from the strain.


Kellyanne to blame for this one? If so, who replaces her in Trump’s man-cave cabinet?

In any case I look forward to HRC making him snap again and again in the first two debates. (Since Chris Wallace says he doesn’t do fact checking, I will give the third debate a pass. At this rate, so may Derpy Donnie :blush: )


I read this new play on name ‘McDonald Trump’ and thought it fitting.


Its time to say on every level, fuck this piece of shit Trump and his supporters - enemies of America. Along with this headline,

this needs to be put down like a rabid dog and pronto.


I know what could tip him over the edge. How about a Twitter campaign and hashtag to thank Donald—thank him for admitting he made mistake.
@Donald Real men admit mistakes. Good job
@Donald #humility suits you. Any other mistakes you care to admit?



The facts do not match Miller’s description.

My God! This was written by someone at AP?

This is more or less the press equivalent of “At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency?”

If Trump has lost AP, it’s all downhill from here. If they start pointing out when the Trump campaign’s statements don’t match the facts, it’s all over except for squeegeeing the floors.


So is Trump is going to be irate that the advice of his professional BS’er, Conway, to lay away the Birther controversy by eating his words didn’t work out?

It’s a mistake to predict what this walking vacuum of a person is going to do, but it’s a tough spot - double down on Birtherism? eat his words harder?

Blaming it on Clinton is a nice touch, but it doesn’t fit the legend of Clinton (corrupt-somehow) - and it completely fits the legend of Trump - crackpot bigot (and is true, to boot.)

Anyhow, hurrah AP! Keep it up!


Also - gotta love that name - Con-way? Playing the game the con-way. Heh.


I would like to believe that what you say is true. Unfortunately, I think that Trump supporters know he lies, expect him to lie; Even maybe they prefer him to lie as long as he’s telling a lie that they want to hear. Rather like the tabloids and their followers. Figuring out how America got to a place where we would consider putting someone like that in charge is a task for anthropologists.


I don’t doubt that you are correct. Trump supporters obviously enjoy being lied to, especially when the lie reinforces their own beliefs. The scary thing is that there are so many of them in America. However, I think figuring out how this came to be is more a matter for psychologists and social scientists than anthropologists. But it’s not going to be done quickly. After all, they’re still trying to work out just how it happened that Hitler came to power in Germany, although the present consensus is that it was a matter of telling enough lies for long enough combined with brutal suppression of the opposition. It’s a model that is clearly being followed again. My greatest fear is that it won’t come to an end before the United States, like Nazi Germany, is reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble. However, if there is a defense, it is the molder of opinion, the press. In Germany the press was neutered through state control. In America the press has neutered itself in pursuit of profits. If the press can tear itself away from the constant pursuit of fllthy lucre and bring itself to call out the lies, there is yet hope. It looks like it’s going to be a very near-run thing though.


I have to agree with you and Josh on this. In my lifetime, I cannot recall a major news organization (Faux News doesn’t count, of course) that flat-out called a major candidate a liar, then fact-checked for another lie in the lead paragraph. Journos are pissed and the tides have turned?


Don’t give him credit for admitting anything. He never admits he was wrong. He claims that he never said it–only asked questions and once again was the shining hero of his own story.He’s completely pathological.

Now…whether he is angry or not for being forced to say Obama was born in the US—perhaps.


It appears that the Matt Lauer fiasco may have partially led to this. The press has become sensitive to criticism that they have been letting Trump lie for years without calling him on it.


CBS News is covering this on the TV this morning and amazingly is doing it right.

“Trading one lie for another” is the line that struck me.

I’m amazed.


I’m not sure that Trump supporters know he lies, but I also think they can’t be convinced that he lies. Most of what Trump says is demonstrably false, but is not made up by Trump on his own. Most of Trump’s conspiracies are products of right wing media fabrications that he just echoes.His true believers, believe it, circulate the stories between them and reinforce their own beliefs.When confronted with contradictory facts, they don’t believe the facts. If told that experts have shown otherwise, the experts are biased.


After Trump’s event, the GOP nominee invited photographers and a camera on a tour of his new hotel property, without reporters present.

Meanwhile, the backdrop of blue curtains that Trump had spoken in front of collapsed, toppling a row of American flags like dominoes.

I hope someone has HD footage of the falling flags. It would make a powerful backdrop for a HRC ad. Is there a more potent symbol of the consequences of a Dishonest Don Presidency? And it happened in his flagship hotel!


This gets to the heart of the pat Republican response to demonstrable reality: that it doesn’t feel like the truth.

Obama issues a statement of support for police? They don’t feel like he meant it.

Hillary’s emails weren’t a bombshell? Well, it feels like they were.

Global warming? It feels pretty cool in here, heh heh heh.


That this despicable little man has any followers is deplorable. They need to be gathered into a hand basket and sent somewhere else.