Discussion: I Read An Oregon Militiaman's Post-Apocalyptic Cowboy Thriller So You Didn't Have To

life gets hard, especially when the french vanilla creamer runs dry…


but will we have to pry the creamer jar from their cold, dead hands?


All of these yahoos have Martyr Complexes.
They see themselves (as that is about the only person they ever see anyway) as standing alone on the battlements of White, Christian, Fantasy-Western Society heroically defending (with guns, lots and lots of guns) their “way of life” against the ravening hordes of “mud-people” who don’t’ know how to “work for a living”.
All you have to do is LISTEN to them. You will hear nothing but narcissistic, sophomoric, pining for a “way of life” that NEVER EXISTED.
Lets take away all government land, government loans, government crop insurance, government price supports, government roads, government railroads, government grain storage, and government law enforcement and see how long these “rugged individualists” survive.
They would happily kill each other off in a “Lord of the Flies” orgy of violence in short order.


sounds like “freedom crack” to me.


Bundy blurbs the novel and calls it “a book you do not want to read, but should.”

Well, he’s half right.

Seriously, though, I always have to laugh at the goldbugs. Dude, if society has collapsed that completely, shiny metal will be just as worthless as green paper. Haven’t you watched any of the Mad Max flicks?


According to their wish list they smoke Marlboro Red 100s, Marlboro Lights 100s, and Pall Mall Menthol 100s. Oh, and Wacky Dust.

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It’s tough times to say the least and the book’s overarching message is to be prepared for an infrastructure collapse coming to a community near you.

LaVoie, I expect, has listened to to many ads by Pat Boone saying “your bank account is now a high risk gamble”. All in an effort to get everyone to buy gold (by an outfit called Swiss America) and it’s message is paranoia.
Bank accounts are still for the most part FDIC insured to $100,000.


And, unless you take physical possession of your gold, how are you going to pick it up during the chaos? If you do have the gold in hand (and it actually retains any value), how are you going to defend it against your fellow (heavily armed) survivalists?


"An Homage to Real MurriKKKa’!"


(BTW: It’s now glaringly apparent this whole FUBAR crapola Rightie Mess is a gigantic grift by a bunch of ammosexual, unemployed A-holes with guns. These fu*king loons could even bring socks and underwear?? They don’t even measure up to the homeless man on a street corner holding a sign “Will Work for Food”… for gawwd’s sake, these Welfare Cowboys won’t even work for food; they want it free.

Further: Don’t say you heard it from me, but when this is over, I won’t be surprised if Brisket’ Palin is pregnant again. ~shhhhhhhh!~ )


“Her “not pretty” and “not quick” execution is rationalized because “if a man cannot own and control his own property, he does not have freedom.””

Well now…if the brutal and senseless execution of a woman isn’t symbolic of men showing that they have control over their property and will fight tooth and nail to do so, then what is?

These are little boys in post-pubescent bodies. They never gave up their G.I.Joe fantasies. They merely grew old enough to purchase the tools to carry them out.


The irony, I suppose, is that to actually survive in such a situation, these “rugged individuals” would either quickly learn about the realities and absolute necessity for dependence and reliance upon others to make sure their own, their families’ and the community’s needs are met…or they would die off rather quickly. It is only modern life, technology, utilities, convenience, government, etc., that lets them safely live in their rabid fantasies that posit they are capable of surviving without depending and relying on others in any way…not to mention that others would by necessity be depending and relying upon them.


Did he have anything like “Scooter” Libby’s ‘novel’ detailing the bear-rape of a young girl? Hard to match that. G.R.R. Martin, eat your heart out; conservative heart-throb “Scooter” has you beat pants down…


They lack freedom in their own thoughts. They have been programmed for treason. They are automatons claiming their corporate plutocratic programming is their “freedom”.


Disclaimer: I have not read this book, so my comments are merely based on this article.

Now that that is out of the way, let me say this: fiction has a place in our world, but when authors try to make that fiction, or at least part of it, unless I missed the apocalypse last night, into reality, they have crossed a variety of lines.

These traitors at Malheur have taken a lethal mix of religious fervor, political insanity, and just plain idiocy to create a situation where they are showing the world that they are deadbeats and Cowboy Welfare Queens. They have vowed to stay as long as the citizens are okay with it, but the citizens tell them to go and they say “NO”. Momma Bundy is asking for people to send everything from sleeping bags to coffee creamers for these so-called survivalists AFTER JUST ONE WEEK!?! What kind of clowns are these people? The fact that they think they can actually start some sort of movement to overthrow the government or take back lands from the American people for, get ready for it, the American People, shows that they live in some sort of fictional reality.

Perhaps this so-called author could write a scenario where they actually get out of the Refuge, do not get arrested, and live to fight another day in their fictional world and maybe they would follow it. After the Bundy Ranch standoff that is always possible. Otherwise, they are just stuck in a situation that was none of their business, where they cannot survive, and where eventually the government will move in and someone will get hurt. As a citizen of Oregon and the United States, I want them out of the Refuge and if they get hurt along the way, then that is on them and their pal, Cliven Bundy. As for the author, as one author to another, leave the fiction writing to someone else - you need a good mental health evaluation and strong meds if you think this world is what you have portrayed.


“You will hear nothing but narcissistic, sophomoric, pining for a “way of life” that NEVER EXISTED.”

I’ve long said that the preppers are largely stuck in an adolescent fantasy where they see themselves as important – because they realize they aren’t. They’ve been raised on John Wayne movies. This is no different than the guys in my high school who read Soldier of Fortune magazine and couldn’t wait to join the armed forces on their way to becoming mercenaries (one had lied about his constantly broken leg, saying he never had been incapacitated in his life), the guy in high school who told everyone he was going to lead an expedition to the center of the earth through the opening at the north pole, or the gangbanger wannabees I see in court regularly (two rural teens who didn’t realize hitting the gas station clerk on her head with a hammer would do more than knock her out, a guy in his 40s still living with mom with his kids and a low level gang member).
They think that if only the right situation would open up, they could show the world what they really are (instead of actively getting involved in politics and the real world). Hopefully, these Oregon clowns are learning what everyone else already sees or will learn it in prison, where they’ll meet more minoritites than they ever have in their lives – and have to depend on them for the real survival in prison.

You don’t need to be Freud to see that the stroking of their weapons over a beautiful woman in power that they finally get control over by killing her shows some mommy issues and adolescent fear of women who are more powerful than they are (revenge on the prom queen who wanted nothing to do with them?).

Oddly, I pity them more than anything else. It’s like watching the special education kids who are more advanced than others in the program tell everyone they’re going to become doctors after high school.


"No, we’re not expert survivalists who are prepared for the Apocalypse… but some of us have watched every episode of ‘Survivorman’! We didn’t watch ‘Bear Grylls’ because we heard he drank his own pee-pee. ~ewwwww!~ " ____ The Winded Warrior YeeHaawidsts


Wait let me get this straight, so there’s a ‘societal collapse’ yet somehow there’s still a ‘government’ that wants to take his personal stuff and you should murder people who work for them.

Yep, these yahoos are just a bunch of delusional thieves who wish they could murder postal workers too.


That’s the point that stands out How can these people pretend to be patriots? They obviously have nothing but contempt for America and its people.


Specially darling little hunting/camping ensembles like the one LaVoy’s modeling in the photo…

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