Discussion: How Kushner's Security Clearance Form Led To The Russian Meeting Bombshell


Now that Kushner has testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, I wonder if he is now caught in a vortex of lies about Russian meetings. I am near certain that the committee asked about additional meetings, so did Kushner lie about telling all when he was deposed, or not?


I can understand why somebody even some Russians would want to wipe from their memory meeting with this nest of vipers but the other way around, not so sure.

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So Wonder Kush brought on this wonderful Oval Trailer circular firing squad?

Well played, sir!


Should have posted this link here. Makes the RoguePOTUS blurb an even more interesting read.


either lock. them all up for Treason or ship them to the Country where they want to earn a living. RUSSIA . these people are not Americans. and Oh anyone who supports Trump should be deported. they’re aliens!


I just love the fact that an attorney interviewed for this story has the last name “Bigley”


Looks like Faux and Fiends has their own take on Jared Kosher. These mistakes, like putting a (D) after some Republican politician’s name they don’t like, just don’t happen all by themselves.


Manafort also had mentioned the meeting to congressional investigators during a recent closed-door interview

Dollars to doughnuts that sent Kushner to amend his SF-86, which in turn led to the NYT working channels to get the email chain, which lead to Fredo Trump suddenly becoming a hero for “transparency” 5 mins. ahead of the NYT dropping a neutron bomb on his head.


When Kush the Magnificent was dictating his SF-86, one of the leftover Obama aides had the arrogance to quote Martin Lomasney “Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink.”

Kush delivered a wicked good pimpstress backhand to the aide, leaned over and hissed “Don’t EVER quote a shkutz to my face again!”

Kush’s attorneys then frog-marched the stricken aide out of the White House and negotiated a confidential settlment. The aide is on the hook to Kush for $3.5 million … $100 million if details leak out :no_mouth:


What does it mean to “kosher meet” with someone?

No mixing of meat and dairy products. Ham and cheese sandwiches are right out.


you serve the borscht and the ham rolls on different plates?


Were not right-winger telling us that Kushner is a secret Democrat? </sarcasm>


Damn you, Autocorrect!!


Apparently they did know about this meeting. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/james-lankford-senate-intel-committee-knew-kushner-meeting
Why was Mueller not notified? What else is the Senate Committee hiding?


Manafort could give a flying f*ck about any of them and isn’t family, by blood anyways.

Kosher is looking more and more like the rat. The Prez’s lawyers don’t like him or trust and suspect that he is playing both sides.

They could run some tests on Kosh and figure out if he’s the mole.

Ham and nothing sandwiches are out, too.


Form 86 makes you go back seven years. I once worked for a housing non-profit that spanned the developing world, imagine every country you don’t want to go and that’s where I was sent.

So I top out at the non-profit, do some private contract work, then get a lead for a contract at USDA. Here comes form 86. Had to go back to Cooperative Housing and dig through every receipt, every plane ticket, just everything. They checked up on it, or at least the big ones. Can’t work until you’re cleared. Don’t screw it up or they dig deeper.

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Wow. The “alt-right” reverting to form.