Discussion: How Hillary Can Contrast With Obama In 2016: She Will 'Get S--t Done'

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If “getting shit done” means compromising away progressive positions just to get the RWNJ’s in the House to go along, then I’d rather have gridlock, thank you very much.


I could point to the fact that Obama has actually accomplished a significant more than Bill Clinton did in his 8 years, and really lay an emphasis o the Hillary’s Health Care issue. However, in honor of the DC press corps I think I will just ignore all facts and say ‘You go girl!’


Considering the republicans hate Hillary Clinton just as much as President Obama, I doubt any more shit will get done unless there is a dramatic power shift in congress.


You wouldn’t know it from listening to pundits but it’s not the president’s job to solve congress. Gridlock is the fault of 1) Boehner who refuses to hold votes on things even when they have majority support 2) Republicans, not just the Tea Party conservatives but also the few moderates who elect Boehner Speaker and give him the power to kowtow to the Tea Party and block votes, 3) the people who elect Republicans to congress or don’t turn out to vote against them 4) the media who misrepresents congress’s responsibility to “get shit done” as the president’s and confuses voters about who to blame.


The only thing that may get done is they might actually find something when investigating one of their ‘scandals’.

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This is laughable. President Obama has done what NO other president has done who have tried which is near universal health care for Americans. Remember HillaryCare? She didn’t get this shit done.

I don’t support this approach at all because it implies that President Obama didn’t get shit done when he did.

Instead Hillary should focus on JOBS JOBS JOBS.


This is another example of the DC press corps’ fantasy world. They create a meme and chase it forever. As said a couple times above, we have health care and the area a the government that isn’t getting anything done is the House (and Senate Rs using the filibuster).
PBO’s mistake was thinking he would get cooperation. Also as noted above, HRC is hated by the R’s as much as PBO. Why does the DC press think she’ll get any help? Because she’s white?


Although she is a women, she is white.

So what might she do to set herself apart? Veterans of two previous presidential campaigns that faced the same question offered TPM a guess: Hillary Clinton can say that she will, as one strategist put it, “get shit done.”

Well isn’t that what Obama promised? Or are these strategist implying that President Obama has not done enough “shit”? Because apparently he did, according to the latest rulings by the Supreme Court. And plenty of it.

Well Obama ran on getting it done as well. If Clinton can appeal to the right even to a small degree even 10%, (for instance, to the small percentage of southern voters for which race matters the most) then she may be able to get things done the Obama couldn’t.

First off, NO ONE should be listening to Gore’s strategist from 2000. Sorry, just not a viable plan.

Second, is this gem:

“She may not be as good on the issues, but she’ll get shit done… You
can see a way that she becomes the perfect antidote to Obama.”

If she buys into this (and she probably wil)l, then she’ll lose to whomever is challenging her from the left. That statement makes no sense at all. How can she “get shit done” if she’s not good on the issues?

Third, if this were 2000, I’d say she’d have a real chance with this strategy. NOW, however, I believe that many Americans (not all) have seen that the GOP will obstruct ANY and all Democrats no matter who they are. Back then, the GOP hadn’t been taken over by the Tea Party and so the concept of “negotiation” was still a feasible idea. No longer.

This is Beltway bullshit that I suspect Clinton may very well try to peddle to the electorate.


Just curious, but does winning more delegates than you count as “getting shit done”?


Thank you! The House has been gerrymandered in such a way that, until 2020 or thereabouts, the next president (who will be a Dem) is going to have to run the same gauntlet as PBO. By next year, the Dems running for POTUS are going to have to start addressing this idea because “getting shit done” ain’t gonna be happening with a House GOP.


The same SCOTUS that upheld 99% of the Affordable Care Act? That one?

Do you even think?


Of course he does. Just not coherently.


I don’t agree with the framing but I do ultimately agree with the premise. HRC can make the case that if given a Democratic House and Senate she’ll be able to get shit done. It’s an argument Obama can make when he stumps for her, and it’s an argument voters of color will especially respect. Instead of the shortsighted, tone deaf “disappointment” lament of the far left she’d be putting the blame exactly where it belongs.


And many of the things you think are so egregious are things other presidents, particularly Republican ones, have done before. You don’t acknowledge that fact and that’s one of the many reasons posters are always making fun of you.


Well now, that’s kind of a problem because part of the Dem base (the far left) are already up in arms over her.

Don’t believe me? Check out the morass also known as Daily Kos on any given week and you’ll find some anti-HRC diaries being peddled and recommended.

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Get shit done? You mean like the stimulus plan, killing bin Laden, three major international trade agreements, ObamaCare, implementing the Dream Act via executive order, etc., etc., etc.?

The reason Democrats lose is they eat their own, playing into the right wing’s criticism in ways that destroy our own chances.

Hillary is enjoying this right now with the “she’s a richie richie” meme that is taking her down, and her people are doing the same to Obama.