Discussion: Hillary's Debate Strategy: The Real Fight Is With The Republicans

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I think the two takeaways from this debate were her decisive “no” when she didn’t want to rebut the criticism of her. And the talk of “Revolution” though for different reasons. In any event both are going to cause the right wing to explode over the next couple of days.



NOTE to Republicans this is the way it’s done.

My only disappointment was the Jim Webb was given more time. I agree with his concerns. I hope he stays in the race longer and that the next debate will pay closer attention to equal time. This is the way Bernie Sanders was threated in debates from years past.


Clinton killed it. Sanders is now more appealing to me than he was before. I think they should work together regardless of who wins the nomination. Likely Clinton is better in a practical sense to deal with bipartisan reform. As president, she could work with Sanders to get actually get legislation pushed through a Republican congress. His “promises” are unachievable without someone like Clinton who understands the realities of the political system.


The time management in this debate was really poor, but considering from the outset CNN billed this as Bernie vs Hillary (to the point of obnoxiousness) it wasn’t surprising. I hope he and O’Malley are in for the next debate.

This is why you see so much concern trolling from right-wing media about how Hillary is damaged as a candidate, too scandal-laden. Yeah right. The GOP candidates are crapping in their pants tonight at the thought of having to face her on a debate stage. She knows the issues inside-out and she won’t take shit from any of them.

They can get away with their bull on climate change or Planned Parenthood videos when they are among a gaggle of like-minded liars, not in a general election debate.

Smarmy little Marco Rubio would need an IV of water before a debate with Hillary is over.


I just watched this part now. What was terrific was her decisive “no” blooming into a big comfortable smile of confidence, accompanied by knowing laughter from the audience!


I absolutely loved Sanders and the core of what he stands for :heart:, but can you actually see him in the WH? I fear that he’s a bit past being up to the actualities of the job. Sad, but probably true.


Supporters say he’ll win, but suppose he loses the race: it’ll be interesting to see him try to pivot and to persuade his voters to make the switch to Hillary.

Yup will make the R’s go off even more. :wink:

Here’s what that prospect looks like to Rubio:



Yes, this debate was one more data point illustrating the stark contrast between the competent, policy-driven Democrats and the deranged, lie-o-minute Republicans.

Speaking of lies, did anybody pick up on any? I sure didn’t.

I think the best answer of the night, in this regard, was Chafee explaining why he left the Republican party. Spot.Frigging.On.

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The may very well go crazy, but the right wing only has spitballs to throw.

Now that she’s thrown down the gauntlet, Clinton’s testimony in front of the !Benghazi committee is must-see tv.


I haven’t seen that yet. What did he say?

He basically said that he had to leave because the Republican party became too deranged for his “moderate-liberal-republican” way of thinking. It was very authentic sounding.


Only if the Republicans allow it to be made public.

He said the party left him.

It was a good answer, but probably won’t cancel the self-inflicted wound of explaining why he voted to repeal Glass-Steagall in 1999: he was new, his dad just died, it was the first vote he’d ever taken.

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I don’t know how it plays in Peoria, and you’ll never, ever, ever get the Asshats to admit it or talk about it, but the difference between this and the Republican debates was the difference between a news show and a tawdry game show. It was the difference between PBS and some particularly, and deliberately, offensive and contrived reality show–something more like “The Bachelor” than “Survivor.” It was the difference between mature adults having a grown-up conversation about grown-up things using their indoor voices and a bunch of screaming six year olds running amok in a grocery store.

Again, no idea how that difference registers with the sacred “swing voters,” the people who think there’s a real choice to be made between Democrats and Republicans and that debates provide them with useful information in making that decision. I can no more get myself into the heads of people who think like that than I can imagine what causes people to, well, watch tawdry reality shows.


She did the right thing when she made it about flea bag stupidity and not about what they have been running on with her for years…people need answers to real issues not made up Benghazi BS!