Discussion: Handel Projected To Win Georgia House Race, Dealing Blow To Democrats

How did it work in France again? They threw the bums out completely and started a new party that represented actual citizens with actual citizen candidates? Crazy idea, right?


This is a referendum on the giddy, utopianesque wishes of the media. Reality is different than what you portray. You ARE lying to Americans. Get your shit together.


ISIS? Russia? Welcome to Drumpf’s Murika.

Overtaken by the ideologically inept, terminally greedy,and the racially biased.

One stupid-ass idiot trying to shoot up a baseball field swings the election…

Hello, Patagonia, got any room?


Another Democratic loss. But let’s just keep doing what we’re doing, right? Keep the same losing consultants, the same tired political leaders, and our only message is to be “anti-Trump.”

Being “anti-Trump” isn’t going to be enough. But the same old tired Democratic leaders have run out of ideas. That’s all they got.

8 years of losing. So tired of losing.


Why can’t we win an election? Clinton nearly won it. Why don’t they embrace her?
Democrats? Shaking my head.


Seriously, respectfully, and finally, put a sock in it, georgeh, it’s been one year at best of losing.

Ever since Bernie the INDEPENDENT decided to crash the Democratic party and split the 2016 vote.

Enjoy, Bernie Bros, this is your creation…

And I’m signing off for the night so don’t take my lack of response as somehow bowing to your “so-called” Bernie-tastic progressive insight responses, which I am sure will be endless…


Maybe republicans are right. Let’s cut the hell out of taxes, kill social security and Medicare and make them state programs. I’m sick of paying for these idiots in the South & Midwest with my California taxes. Let them be the poor racist Christian dolts they so desire to be.


I don’t think Ossoff ran on a simple anti-Trump platform. He articulated a positive vision for what he would do. Meanwhile, Handel articulated things like this: "He is a liberal in — just the same along the lines as Nancy Pelosi.” The GOP continues to butcher American democracy and the English language, and unfortunately too many people keep falling for their lies (or outright approving of their hateful agenda). There is much more to do–address gerrymandering, continue investigating Trump, and on and on. But running young people like Ossoff is a good step in my view.


Well, I worked over 8 years… over 4 elections to a elect Democrat in Pasadena district which was drawn to be a safe Republican district and was represented by Jim Rogan, an impeachment manager. We eventually elected Adam Schiff to that seat. And look to win the last red seat in LA County. And we won’t give up until we win.

As a Democrat, I will never accept the poison which is Defeatism, and I will also do the same thing over and again: Keep fighting. And never giving up.


Now can we accept that Trump alone isn’t going to win elections for Democrats.


We always “nearly win it,” and the consultants say that’s a victory. Close doesn’t mean anything. In the last 8 years, we lost House, Senate, Presidency, and Supreme Court, and almost 2/3 of State Legislatures are now Republican.

If something doesn’t change, we’re truly doomed.


Well, this sucks. I think AP is calling it too early, with ~36,000 votes (about 14%) still outstanding, in largely Democratic precincts. That said, Ossoff would probably have to win the outstanding vote by about 2 to 1 at this point. Not impossible - which is why I think AP is calling it too early - but not very likely either, I suppose.


Trump came in with the huge structural advantage of not having irrevocably tanked the country (or himself) just quite yet.

Definitely too bad, but if the left would just move a te-e-ensy bit away from the recrimination/divisiveness thing that comes so naturally, we’ll be sure to get 'em next time.

Peace out.


Can’t imagine that any of those voting machines that had issues had anything to do with it. Especially since those same machines have had glaring security problems for years.


I grew up in Europe and could answer that but I just don’t care enough about what goes on here to bother. Try this: when the voting stats come out look at the % of Dems and GOP’ers that voted. You’ll have your answer. Democrats DON"T vote.

How do polls show a race so close and then it ends up like this ( I bet on Handel by 5 % and I’m in fat city ) ? Because when you poll someone you go to them. For them to vote they have to get off their ass and do it. That’s it. Democrats don’t vote. You can dream about 2018 all you want to. Democrats will not show up to vote.

I was chastened here in TPM ( by Josh himself ) for saying Democrats don’t vote. They don’t. So someone call in Josh because I just said it again.

I live 50 miles from he Georgia line. What the hell do I know about what goes on down here. Let’s get an expert from New England or California to set me straight.


Thank you. The grass roots is ahead of the scared, tired, and old leadership. We need to keep fighting both the Republicans and our own failed political leadership.


Some good ideas here:

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Well Democrats…try voting. It seems to work for other folks.


Yes, but at the same time we can’t believe that substance will triumph over tribalism. Handel came right up to the line of calling Ossoff a carpetbagger, running an entirely negative campaign, and it paid off. She even proudly proclaimed she’s against a livable wage and hateful idiots still voted for her.