Discussion: GOPer Ernst: People On Medicaid Had No 'Personal Responsibility'

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Nursing homes are full of irresponsible seniors. Earn your walker! Get job, Gramps!!


Joni Ernst is my new favorite cartoon super villain.


The campaign then furthersplained that she actually meant bureaucrats who were also Medicaid recipients, so she’s not totally contradicting herself with an obvious lie at all one bit nope.

ETA: Looks like before the photo was taken she had her hair done, got a facial, and ate a handful of peyote buttons. Serious crazy eyes. Move over, Michele!


How incompetant is Braley and his team that she remains competitive?


Jodi Ernst is an idiot. What concerns me more are all the Iowans who are going vote for this crazy person and possibly elect her to the Senate where she can inflict herself upon the rest of us. It appears that a lot of Iowa voters are part of the sado-federalist movement.


Stuck on stupid…


“If the program is expanded, it is estimated the Medicaid population will grow by an additional 110,000 to 181,000 recipients who have no personal responsibility for their health and no accountability for the care provided.”

Oh, I see, Joni. You meant to say 110,000 to 181,000 bureaucrats who have no responsibility for their health and no accountability for the care provided. That makes a lot more sense. Keep dancing.


She puts the count in country…


Well of course those Medicaid people don’t have any personal responsibility for their health. You can bet not a single one of them ever castrated a hog. Of course if Joni knew what she was talking about, she wouldn’t have said she castrated hogs either, since you need to do it to piglets when it’s gilts you’re after. But, shucks, Joni, we don’t worry ourselves over facts, ever, now do we?


Missouri, if you elect this twit, you are stupid.

She’s infecting Iowa, not Missouri.


Did she have to work are being so stupid, or was it just a gift? She seems unable to comprehend that she too is just a few pay checks away from needing public assistance.

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Nah. She’s already guaranteed lifetime Wingnut Welfare benefits at this point.


I see what you did there.

Well, if Missouri did elect her it would be a special sort of stupid, you have to admit.

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That is a terrific catch… kudos.

There’s a black hole loose in Iowa these days in the guise of a human. Now, light cannot escape the gravity well of a black hole as we all should know by now. But apparently reason and logic cannot escape either.

I am wondering (help me out here folks) if Joni Ernst really believes the whacky things she says or does she do this purely for the entertainment value? And why … oh why is she so ready to denigrate those who need Medicaid?

“She was referring to bureaucrats not those receiving care”

Oddly, should Joni get elected then she would be one of those “bureaucrats” she so despises.

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“cut over $500 billion from Medicare.”

So now I’m confused—regardless of whether or not that’s just an outright ridiculous lie in itself—I thought the teabaggers were always complaining about “runaway spending on Medicare argle bargle”… wouldn’t Braley cutting $500 billion be a good thing in their crazy eyes?

It could be that confusion is a campaign tactic this time around. You know … keep 'em guessing…