Discussion: GOP Senator On Trump Tape: What He's Describing Is Not Sexual Assault

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No, it was showing a lot of respect for women.


Edit: much is being made of them not shaking hands. If I was Hillary, I’d be thinking, “I don’t know where that hand’s been!” and refuse to shake it too.


Sessions: I know it because I do it all the time. In The South, we encourage male machoness at the cost of putting women at their place.


Jesus Christ on a Cracker, this cracker is really stupid.

I guess he means its “legitimate assault” then, right?


“So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that’s not sexual assault?” the Weekly Standard pressed.

“I don’t know. It’s not clear that he—how that would occur.”

Sure. We could call Sessions a mental pygmy, but why drag pygmies into this?


Get over her you little weasel and let me grab your pecker…


This is after all the Party of “legitimate rape” and “husband cannot be guilty of raping wife.”

I was losing my childish faith, but the past 72 hours have persuaded me the Senate is in play for Dems. May it be so!


Jeff - Maybe it’s not sexual assault in your family when it’s between you and your cousins, but what The Donald described is sexual assault in any normal context.


I was hoping she would’ve come out and shake his hand wearing a surgical glove and then ceremoniously dropping the glove into a Ziploc bag marked “Evidence”.


Finding it would require a thorough grope, no doubt.


I would just point out that parsing the definition of “sexual assault” is probably not where you want to be less than a month from the general election.


The best part of this is they are telling women that it’s fine if men grab them by the crotch. Many women are naturally suspicious of this information, so it may need to be repeated, over and over.


Sen Sessions polishing his credentials in case someone accidentally tries to nominate him for the Supreme Court again…

tells you everything you’d need to know about how women would be treated in THAT court…


“So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that’s not sexual assault?” the Weekly Standard pressed.

“I don’t know. It’s not clear that he—how that would occur.”

You’re a lawyer and a former Attorney General and you don’t know if grabbing a women’s genitals without her permission is sexual assault? Nor how “that would occur?” I mean what does that even mean? The only two options I can see are you don’t understand the mechanics of grabbing or you don’t understand the concept that you need a women’s consent to be touching them. While neither of those say anything good about you, I’m leaning toward your problem being with the latter.


Hey, guess what Sessions… even Ala.com thinks you’re wrong.

From their endorsement of Hillary just yesterday:

He is a narcissistic, childish bully who has mocked women, Americans with disabilities, veterans, Gold Star families, judges, immigrants, the working poor, people of faith, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, refugees, people with weight issues and any other group that challenges his inflated view of himself. A Trump presidency could send the Republican Party down a dark, exclusionary path, that would be tough to recover from.

He is both privately and publicly at odds with much that Alabamians value.

And this:

His pledge to restore “law and order” by implementing the unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policies of New York threatens to set racial progress in Alabama back 50 years. Many have attempted to frame him as a carbon copy of George Wallace, but Alabamians should look to more recent politicians for a true picture of what a Trump presidency could look like. Trump embodies the worse tenets of disgraced former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, suspended Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, and humiliated Gov. Robert Bentley. Trump is a man that will ignore the rule of law, use his office for personal gain, and has a history of lascivious affairs and lewd comments caught on tape. Even his campaign is self-serving, with millions in campaign donations spent on his family companies.

The 2016 election is not a choice between two candidates equally fit to serve, or a choice between the ideology of two parties. Trump is a unique threat and in an election where supporting third party candidates splits a national vote, we see but one option. Clinton may be the second least popular major party candidate in 50 years but she is also one of the most qualified candidates in history. And ultimately, if it isn’t her, it’s him. And that would be a disaster for America and the world.


OMG. What a bullet we dodged on that day!


There is a whole sector of publishing covering these matters:


What Trump is saying is that he has the power to make it not sexual assault. He is saying he has absolute power to do whatever he wants, like Putin or something. By the way, what is essentially happening in this country is that the GOP has invited Russia to take over.


Sessions, having never grabbed a p*ssy, was at a loss.


The Senate and Alabama’s own Keebler Elf and his quest for a federal judgeship!

“Jeff Sessions’s chequered past”

Jeff Sessions’s new role on the Senate judiciary committee brings his hostility to civil rights laws to light - Sarah Wildman